Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/12/03

01:05 ANLevant Hey there good ppl
01:05 ANLevant anyone here?
01:26 ANLevant I'm a Java developer. I wanted to know if there's any way for me to program over Bitcoin Blockchain with Java, or must I migrate to C#?
01:36 phantomcircuit ANLevant, wat^2
01:45 r251d bitmangw:
01:46 r251d s/bitmangw/ANLevant/
01:46 r251d ANLevant:
11:39 go1111111 #bitcoin-code-dev
11:39 go1111111 (sorry, typo)
11:50 binarycat .
18:53 tyranny Hello. I want to create a toy project for myself using testnet. Project is wrapped around a straightforward functionality: there's a tower defence game client for a smartphone (dozen smartphones in LAN) and a bitcoind on the LAN server (using testnet). What I need to do is making btc transfers from the mobile clients (which don't have full chain, of course, just address and private keys). Is it technically possible to do this? So that the machine
18:53 tyranny running bitcoind accepts (via API) the signed transactions and pushes it / provides the client with info about UTXO and thus the balance?
18:54 tyranny Any ideas/suggestions? I might be wrong on some parts, but I am no bitcoin jedi, that's why asking for advice
20:25 TheVinn98 Are there any bitcoin developers who might be interested in speaking at CppNow in Aspen, CO?
20:37 binarycat TheVinn98: Shouldn't they be fixing all the issues instead of making speeches?
20:38 binarycat Besides, what kind of geek even is able to hold a speech?
20:53 TheVinn98 I wouldn't call it "making speeches." CppNow is a gathering of folks that are highly knowledgeable about C++. The presentations are informative and help to spread knowledg on highly technical subjects
20:54 TheVinn98 I am setting up a grant to pay for a bitcoin developer to attend the conference and give a talk on something related to bitcoin or digital currencies and tying it in to C++
21:16 cncr04s when is CppNow ?
21:33 TheVinn98 CppNow 2018 is from May 6 through May 11: