Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/11/30

05:31 cluelessperson Question, why can't we flatten block history to just recent blocks and addresses with funds?
05:51 luke-jr 1) addresses don't hold funds 2) you can't prove that data is correct
21:47 cluelessperson I think we should adopt bitcoin wallet naming convention
21:47 cluelessperson <DATE>_<COIN>_<LABEL>_<STATUS>
21:47 cluelessperson 20171130_BITCOIN_MyFirstWallet_empty
22:01 wumpus you can use any naming convention you want with -wallet=<name>
23:15 roasbeef who wants to mine testnet? :)
23:27 wumpus I don't have miners
23:27 mlz i don't either :/ if it could be done with cpu mining like ltc testnet i would already be doing it :/
23:53 wumpus there have been times that BTC's testnet was easily CPU mineable but that's only after difficulty fallbacks
23:54 wumpus if that was the case I doubt he'd be asking :)
23:55 eck it's too bad BTC Foundation (or someone like that) doesn't mine on testnet as a public service, I was trying to test some SW transactions on testnet yesterday and it took forever to actually get my transaction included in a block
23:57 wumpus at least there's regtest
23:57 eck indeed