Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/11/25

09:51 buZz is there anything special about seednode?
09:51 buZz it and a couple others got removed from bitcoinabc, was trying to see if there was something about it
10:28 buZz - MiningSev0s BitcoinCash Mining Pool ...
10:28 buZz ok , some pool?
10:29 buZz p2pool even
11:08 phantomcircuit buZz, bitcoinabc is strictly not bitcoin
11:08 buZz yeah, sorry for bringing it up
14:46 hkjn0 I feel like I'm missing something simple here, but is should not be expected that restarting a fully synced node with txindex=1 and -reindex would need to re-download the entire blockchain, right?
14:47 hkjn0 since that seems to be the behavior I'm seeing on my node.. so if that's unexpected (I assume existing blocks should be scanned through to construct the index), what could be going wrong with my node to cause that behavior?
14:59 mlz don't restart your node with -reindex
22:42 Chris_Stewart_5 So i'm looking at BIP32, is there any difference between N(m) and M?
22:44 Chris_Stewart_5 I'm looking specifically at this part:
22:44 Chris_Stewart_5 and this equivalence: N(m)/a/b/c = M/a/b/c.
22:45 arubi yes they are the same
22:46 Chris_Stewart_5 arubi: so both are the extended public key corresponding to m
22:47 arubi right, and the path is all non-hardened
22:47 Chris_Stewart_5 awesome! Thanks
22:47 arubi yw