Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/11/24

00:11 luke-jr firelegend: it's not Bitcoin at all
00:11 luke-jr garit: he's talking about an altcoin
00:11 firelegend luke-jr: Yes I used the word altcoin
00:12 firelegend because it is
00:12 luke-jr firelegend: anyhow, block compression would probably slow things at this point
00:12 luke-jr firelegend: because nodes typically don't transmit entire blocks now, but only transaction lists
00:12 firelegend Sad to hear that
00:12 firelegend But any plans at all?
00:13 luke-jr firelegend: why bother when it doesn't help?
00:13 garit He asks for other plans
00:13 luke-jr to be clear, it doesn't help because bandwidth usage is ALREADY lower than using compression
00:13 firelegend I think I have to agree there
00:14 firelegend several years and only 150 gigabytes
00:14 luke-jr well, true, IBD might benefit from compression
00:14 garit anyway,one plan that might help - is using a high order servers (like big miners), to establish connection in a way that no miner is further than lets say 2 hops from others, and write down the most effective way to share blocks. Probably a few separate centralized servers just for this
00:14 luke-jr 150 GB is a lot of data
00:18 firelegend luke-jr: It could be worse. Just saying.
00:41 luke-jr firelegend: at the current rate, it will be much worse quite fast
00:42 firelegend Any solutions? Or BIPs?
00:43 firelegend Pruning?
01:39 luke-jr firelegend: there's not enough support to reduce the block size yet
02:48 cluelessperson So I'm starting to run into new store merchants that want to run a store that accepts bitcoin
02:48 cluelessperson How do you recommend I set these people to support Bitcoin payments?
02:49 cluelessperson My inclincation is to direct them to use a MASTER PRIVATE KEY (offline), and a PUBLIC key online to deterministically generate addresses to store in a regular web application database
02:49 cluelessperson track orders
02:49 cluelessperson but I don't know how to use Bitcoin Core to watch an account only.
02:49 cluelessperson and I don't have the impression it's made for a large volume of addresses?
05:04 luke-jr cluelessperson: it's unlikely they'll get a large number of bitcoin orders initially?
05:04 luke-jr cluelessperson: better to just use a list of addresses on the web side, so compromising the server doesn't expose too mcuh
05:15 cluelessperson luke-jr: I'd like to build a daemon that watches new incoming blocks for the watched addresses, and discard them
05:15 cluelessperson Would someone be able to help me understand BIP32, 44 ?
05:15 garit cluelessperson: there are too many mixers/casino, i think
05:18 cluelessperson garit: what do you mean? That's not my intention
12:55 buZz right, my importing of P2WSH hasnt been fruitfull
12:55 buZz i'm failing mostly on 'where do i get the redeemscript fromt'
12:55 buZz -t
13:00 buZz seems the same question as
13:05 buZz also seems related
13:11 arubi buZz, s/fromt/format or s/fromt/from ?
13:11 buZz the latter :)
13:11 buZz i can see them in listunspent , but only for ones with active balance
13:11 arubi hm, don't you have the redeemscript already? you're trying to import it?
13:12 buZz i can grab a wallet that 'already has them' , plonk it in new daemon, resync, and then not see the transactions which are to/from those addresses
13:13 buZz but still, i dont know how to get the redeemScript for them
13:13 buZz dumpprivkey doesnt support them, listunspent doesnt show them
13:13 arubi if there are any spends, you can get them from there
13:13 buZz oh hmm
13:14 buZz you mean, grab them off the blockchain?
13:14 arubi yea, getrawtransaction if you're indexing
13:15 buZz is it the OP_HASH160 part?
13:15 buZz oh wait, there are two :P
13:15 buZz mind if i PM you a txid arubi ?
13:15 arubi sure go ahead
13:18 buZz ah
13:18 buZz this might work, lets see
13:23 buZz oooo, the 'hex' field under 'validateaddress' shows the redeemscript
13:23 buZz that isnt very obvious :P
13:23 arubi yes :)
13:23 arubi also see jsons here to set up signraw
13:23 buZz "message": "Missing required fields"
13:23 buZz :( i dont like importmulti a lot
13:25 arubi it's okay. I was pretty confused at first by it
13:27 buZz type script ; scriptPubkey xxxx ; redeemscript xxxx <- why isnt this already enough to grab one?
13:28 buZz maybe its just easier to build a tx to spend them blindly .. hmm
13:28 arubi it's not enough without the public key as well
13:29 buZz isnt scriptPubkey the pubkey?
13:30 arubi scriptpubkey is the p2sh script, redeemscript is the p2wpkh\p2wsh script and in the p2wpkh script is a hash of the pubkey
13:30 buZz oh ok, but where do i find that last one?
13:30 buZz oh
13:30 arubi it's in validateaddress of the normal p2pkh script
13:31 arubi or in a previous spend
13:31 buZz is it in the tx i just PM'd you?
13:32 arubi yep :)
13:39 buZz ok
13:40 buZz so importmulti with ; timestamp, type script, scriptPubkey, redeemscript and pubkeys (just that one)
13:40 buZz still comes with "message": "Missing required fields"
13:40 buZz actually first came with "message": "Internal must be set for hex scriptPubKey"
13:41 buZz added internal: true
13:42 arubi oh yea, I got that too
13:42 buZz guess its still missing something?
13:42 arubi hm, moment
13:43 arubi oh you're probably setting pubkey in the same importmulti call right?
13:43 buZz yeah?
13:43 arubi I had to use importpubkey independently of the importmulti call
13:43 arubi finding example..
13:44 buZz importpubkey with the pubkey we found earlier gives; The wallet already contains the private key for this address or script
13:46 arubi what about 'importaddress <redeemscript> "" false false" then "validateaddress <p2sh addresS>", does validateaddress knows about the hex redeemscript then? also does the wallet have the private key ?
13:47 buZz "ismine": false,
13:48 buZz i'm not sure what private key you mean
13:48 arubi the private key for the public key from importmulti
13:48 arubi but nevermind ismine, see if validateaddress knows about the redeemscript for that p2sh address
13:49 buZz it doesnt
13:49 buZz it gives the same scriptPubKey , but no "hex" field
13:49 arubi alright, 'importaddress <redeemscript> "" false true" this time, and try validateaddr again
13:49 buZz The wallet already contains the private key for this address or script
13:50 buZz :P lets move back to pre previous importaddress
13:50 arubi and validateaddress still doesn't know about the hex?
13:52 buZz ooo, after a restart of daemon it did fill in the "hex"
13:53 buZz omgomgomgomg and it shows in listunspent \o/
13:53 buZz w00p
13:53 arubi \o/
13:53 buZz so just the importaddress <redeemscript> seems enough! w00t
13:53 buZz without importmulti :P
13:53 arubi and soon we won't even need that :)
13:53 buZz cant wait :P
13:54 buZz oh lol
13:54 buZz -directly- after the 'error' of The wallet already contains the private key for this address or script
13:54 buZz thats when it pops into listunspent
13:55 arubi yes that sounds consistent
14:09 buZz exxxxcellent :)
14:30 ab0027 Hey.. Anybody online??
14:36 buZz always