Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/11/17

00:45 nitrox_ I am new to bitcoin dev and playing around with a few little POCs to help learn. Let's say we're storing a bunch of wallets with a bunch of addresses and we want to watch them. We can assume they are brand new addresses and we don't care about any old transactions.
00:46 nitrox_ In order to watch for any transactions, without relying on a 3rd party API or anything, I would need to run a full node and interact via bitcoind, yes?
00:47 nitrox_ If that's the case, could a single node handle watching a ton (let's say a few hundred thou) of addresses?
03:28 satwo hello all. what would be the best way for me to get data on segwit vs non-segwit txs per block? I'm interested in size, tx fees, and really any stats that could be aggregated. Anyone know of a good block explorer api that could provide this?
04:50 BGL core client disappeard from the systray again, but still running in bg, killing explorer & restarting doesn't bring the systray icon back either .. it should be checking itself for being in the systray, especially for explorer crash/restart reasons.. that's relatively normal behaviour of programs that run in the systray without a window
04:50 BGL other icons return to systray upon explorer restart, not core
04:51 BGL that being said it wasn't an explorer crash that caused it to disappear i duno what the deal is
04:53 BGL ending task on the core client in order to get its systray or window back is not a comfortable problem
09:14 jeremias I'm having an several gigabyte wallet.dat. the file has been backed up pretty well etc, however I still want to operate on it and if the wallet.dat file is on disk, it is veeery slow.
09:14 jeremias I was planning to put tha wallet.dat on ramdisk. unfortunately it looks like symlinks are not allowed by bitcoin clients any more. is the only possibity to use an older version?
09:24 jeremias I mean, if I symlinkd wallet.dat to ramdisk, the bitcoin core doesn't start at all thanks to this:
09:36 sturles You can move .bitcoin and symlink the blocks and chainstate directories..
09:39 jeremias yep, did that.
09:39 jeremias seems to work
09:40 jeremias again core team implementing features "to protect users" and then causing harm to users... now it is just more complicated.
09:44 wumpus this patch adds official support for a -walletdir argument, please help testing/review:
09:44 wumpus symlinking database files is terrible and if you really want to shoot yourself in the foot that way you need to manulaly remove the check against that
10:12 jeremias wumpus: what do you suggest instead if you want to operate multi-gigabyte wallet.dat file?
10:13 wumpus I'd suggest helping test that PR, then using -walletdir=/path/to/wallet/file
10:14 wumpus it's just been rebased
10:14 jeremias so you want me to run a non-stable version because of that?
10:15 wumpus well it might be less risky than a cross-platform fs
10:15 wumpus eh cross-fs database
10:15 wumpus but sure you can also just remove the symlink check, that's a smaller change
10:16 wumpus it's also likely possible to backport #11466 to 0.15.x
10:16 wumpus but it will only get merged if people test it
10:18 wumpus and that first has to happen on master
10:57 jeremias well I'll help to test it, but it doesn't help with the current situation... thanks anyway
11:01 wumpus what does symlinking allow for that this wouldn't?
11:02 jeremias I mean it doesn't help within the timeframe I need to solve this situation
11:02 wumpus ok yes, fair enough
11:02 wumpus I'm a least trying to get it merged soon
11:42 wumpus walletdir is something that really should have been there versions ago, but everyone just hacked around instead of adding a proper solution, it's great that there's lots of new contributors now working on things like that
13:03 txter I'm reading through Mastering Bitcoin and see people have been sending bitcoins to the demo addresses used in the book ;D
13:23 wumpus txter: whoops. That's why we use invalid addresses in our RPC help examples.
13:25 wumpus at least nowadays, I vaguely remember they were valid addresses at some point, it was dangerous as it's just to easy to make copy/paste mistakes. THough from a book?
13:46 txter wumpus: I'm just 10% into the book but so far I'm liking it a lot :)
13:50 mlz Andreas didn't put in his real BTC addresses? he should have, people wouldn't mind to send him donations
13:52 wumpus well if they're valid I hope it's his addresses
13:53 txter He says in the book that they'll be lost forever, but I'm guessing he has the private keys stashed somewhere. Yup, he's deserved the donations