Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/11/15

08:03 kgc Hi, does anyone know if you can sign raw segwit transaction using bitcoind rpc method signrawtransaction? I tried and got=64: non-mandatory-script-verify-flag (Witness program was passed an empty witness) (code -26)
08:04 kgc that is the error was thrown when I tried to broadcast it signing worked just fine
08:04 kgc atleast no error was thrown
10:08 txter Are there any companies creating actual stock-exchanges using the blockchain? Some place where a company can do a purely digital IPO? I know NASDAQ etc. have been flirting a bit with blockchain technology but I've never heard anything come of it
12:50 JackH how can I dump privkey on segwit addresses? I get an error when doing dumpprivkey
12:56 wumpus JackH: you might want to ask in bitcoin-core-dev
12:57 JackH ok
12:57 wumpus (e.g. because segwit handling in the wallet is not finished yet)
14:10 paulo_ hello
14:10 paulo_ does the bitcoin client exchange node its?
14:10 paulo_ *ips
14:24 wumpus paulo_: yes, using addr messages, node ips propagate through the network
17:11 ren0v0 Hi, is it possible to get the number of coins in circulation without running a full node somehow?
17:14 arubi not without trusting the source, that's the point really
17:14 arubi it's 16680948.58625442 fwiw
17:17 arubi kgc, it's possible. what are you passing signrawtransaction?
17:19 ren0v0 arubi, what is the command? I'm checking RPC docs and can't find it
17:19 arubi gettxoutsetinfo
17:19 arubi it's gonna take a while to run
17:20 ren0v0 well i would never have found that :D
17:20 arubi :)
17:20 ren0v0 So, some aggregator like coinmarketcap, they run 2000 nodes (one for each crypto), and then run this on each assuming they have this ability ?
17:21 arubi not sure how they're set up really
17:22 ren0v0 but the theory is unless they're using a third party (probably are), then they need to run a node for each somehow
17:22 ren0v0 Is it possible to run bitcoin core with like 10mb of space used, and get this "untrusted" figure you provided?
17:23 arubi or they're just multiplying the number of blocks by the block reward
17:23 ren0v0 I assume that'll only run on a full chain ?
17:23 arubi that figure comes from the utxo set, it's about 2-3gb
17:23 ren0v0 arubi, still that data needs to come from chain though right? and block reward changes so that doens't help much either
17:23 arubi block reward changes in expected manner
17:24 arubi this command really returns the amounts int utxos that is available
17:24 arubi for example I'm not sure if coinmarketcap counts amounts in op_return scripts or not
17:25 ren0v0 arubi, accuracy aside, its a huge amount of work to run 2000 nodes right?
17:25 ren0v0 i mean, that's not very lightweight :D
17:25 arubi well, depends on how much compute you got :)
17:25 ren0v0 i very much doubt they are doing that, so i'm curious as to lightweight options
17:26 arubi if you don't care about accuracy, just count the block rewards
17:29 ren0v0 arubi, they change though right, so that seems a little "manual" ?
17:30 ren0v0 or is there some way to do that from chain ?
17:31 arubi change in what way? block rewards for block heights are known in advance
17:32 ren0v0 sure, only 3 dates to remember for bitcoin
17:32 ren0v0 so far i mean
17:32 mmgen ren0v0: of course they're not running 2000 nodes, they're just counting the block rewards
17:32 ren0v0 is this the case for 2000 other cryptos? seems like a massive headache
17:32 ren0v0 mmgen, clearly i'm being stupid then, how does this work for bitcoin for example ?
17:33 arubi ;;calc 210000*50 + 210000*25 + ([blocks] % 210000)*12.5
17:33 gribble 16681137.5
17:33 mmgen ren0v0: the block reward schedule is part of the protocol
17:33 ren0v0 arubi, to get those "blocks" you still need to run a node right ?
17:33 mmgen ren0v0: no
17:33 arubi no
17:34 mmgen ren0v0: you just need to know the rules of the protocol
17:34 mmgen ren0v0: for the given coin
17:34 arubi ren0v0, if you just want to count to "current height", it's pretty much enough to just check what the current height is. of course you could still be lied to. the only way to know for sure is to run a node yourself
17:34 ren0v0 so, need to have bitcoin-qt and run some command to find height ?
17:34 mmgen ren0v0: you can just get it from a block explorer
17:34 arubi or you could just look online.. yea
17:35 ren0v0 i'm talking about removing reliance from any third-arty
17:35 mmgen ren0v0: that's probably what those sites do
17:35 arubi then you have to run a node. yes
17:35 ren0v0 who knows if there is a blockexplorer for "imabrandnewcointhatcameouttoday"
17:35 mmgen ren0v0: no one's doing that, realistically
17:35 mmgen ren0v0: every coin has a block explorer
17:36 ren0v0 with an API? that are reliable ?
17:36 ren0v0 these 2000 coins, they rely on 2000 third party sources?
17:36 ren0v0 seems pretty unreliable to me if you want to use their data
17:36 mmgen ren0v0: most alts don't have enough value to warrant that kind of effort
17:37 ren0v0 They have it for 1000 coins
17:38 ren0v0 i agree that it isn't worth the effort, so i'm wondering if i'm missing something :D
23:51 dviola I need to create a new wallet in bitcoin core
23:52 dviola but I don't know what's the best method for that
23:52 dviola rename wallet.dat and let core create a new one when starting it?
23:52 dviola I want to send my BTC to a new wallet to redeem BTG