Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/11/14

00:46 bodangly so I am working on an application, one of the core things it must do is aggregating payments, which are later paid out after reaching a certain threshold to another address. Any clear advantage to making it an ALL|ANYONECANPAY SIGHASH style transaction, vs just waiting for a wallet address to hit a certain amount?
01:56 dcousens if I have a "mandatory-script-verify-flag-failed (Script failed an OP_EQUALVERIFY operation)" - what is probably the quickest way to debug it? I have decoded the tx manually and verified the signatures manually... so I assume the issue is probably somewhere else. Anyone know a simple debug path here? Tools? etc
05:36 jb55 dcousens: I'm building a bitcoin script debugger, I would be happy to run that through as a test case...
06:34 buZz is there really no way to go back to the original address for a p2sh segwit address?
07:17 radixsqrt buZz, what do you mean by back to the original address?
07:22 buZz atm you do 'getnewaddress' and then 'addwitnessaddress' on the address you get
07:23 buZz given only the resulting p2sh witnessaddress, can you refind that address?
07:35 radixsqrt buZz, you need to keep track of the relation, I don't think there's anything doing that for you, like in a multisig script
07:39 buZz meh, i'll just have to addwitnessaddress the lot of them :P
08:08 radixsqrt btw if you later have the problem of the witness change addresses, I believe the following pull request changes are fine for now:
08:08 radixsqrt just the changes for wallet.cpp should be enough imo
18:33 mlz buZz, we'll have default segwit address style in the next core version
18:33 mlz or you can compile sipa branch to play with it
18:33 buZz yeah its just a hassle now ;)
18:34 buZz cant move a 'segwit' address to a new wallet without knowing which key it originated from
19:35 bodangly I want to allow users to add to a SIGHASH_ALL|SIGHASH_ANYONECANPAY transaction for payment aggregation, but do any common wallets even support adding to such a transaction?
19:36 bodangly trying to leverage that for a project I am working on, but if I would need to implement user wallets on my site to use it, then that method doesn't work.
20:43 jsfour hey folks
20:43 jsfour I think that I may have discovered a bug in oneof the rpc commands, just submitted an issue for it