Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/11/13

07:52 jb55 my bitcoin script evaluator works now, but not all opcodes are implemented yet:
15:11 camarads hey guys. i have a question about creating rawtransactions. for example if i use 2 txids for input , 1 txid ancestorsize is 10 and the 2nd txid has ancestorsize 9 , after i create and send the rawtransactions, the resulting txid will have ancestorsize 19 ?
17:03 radixsqrt hi
17:04 radixsqrt any feelings about locally implementing the following code re. p2sh segwit change addresses:
17:04 radixsqrt i see the part in wallet.cpp seems enough to send the change to p2sh segwit outputs
20:29 greenfan I'm seeking to understand CMutableTransaction - what is the purpose / use of having a mutable version of CTransaction?