Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/11/12

02:59 rebroad the issue with the death spiral occuring seems quite urgent now - even BitcoinABC is hard-forking to address this, tomorrow... Is Bitcoin planning to be proactive about this at all?
04:42 tyrick Is there a corresponding message broadcasted along with each Block that contains the witness data for SegWit txts?
11:35 wumpus FWIW I updated bitcoin-submittx ( to be able to load nodes as well as transactions from files, instead of having to provide them on the command line which is also still possible
14:07 sodabread Has anyone read these books? and
14:07 sodabread They're not that expensive and thinking if I should get them
14:08 jaromil i know the first one by Andreas and consider it the best book about bitcoin. its also available online if you like to check contents.
14:12 sodabread jaromil: ahh this one I'm guessing?
14:13 sodabread Looks good :)
14:17 jaromil yep. andreas survived long all the shilling and the bashing and still is the best divulging voice around imho
14:19 sodabread goody goody
15:20 sodabread What is the best technical book on blockchain technology out there (by your opinion)?
19:42 sodabread Are there any copmanies out there that set up mining software on computers that start mining when a computer is logged out? Which would then be connected to a mining pool?
19:43 arubi [email protected] ? :)
19:46 sodabread arubi: Yup, in a way :)
19:46 sodabread Is that still up by the way? I remember that as a kid :D
19:46 Dizzle sodabread: nicehash
19:47 arubi not for bitcoin, but I bet some software works this way for PCs
19:47 sodabread Thanks :)
19:47 arubi o/
20:31 cncr04s use MRR, not nicehash