Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/11/10

00:45 adiabat keymone: nodes reject it if it's +/- 2hrs from current time
00:45 adiabat also some other rules about median time of last 11 blocks
00:46 adiabat in genreal, blocks with a very wrong time in the header will be rejected
13:04 JackH is zeromq by default started with bitcoin-qt, or does it need to be enabled?
13:13 wumpus JackH: zeromq is never enabled by default, you need to enable it w/ command line options as well as set up the notifications, as explained in doc/
22:54 dreki I've been out of the game for pretty much 4 years. Has BitcoinJ gained any traction?
23:32 Dizzle dreki: yea, it's the basis of the popular Bitcoin Wallet for Android.
23:33 Dizzle and acts as the network lib for jElectrum (server)