Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/11/09

07:24 wumpus cluelessperson: I doubt it, also don't think there's anything software can do to achieve that, at least if you mean a worldwide EMP by a solar flare
07:40 ossifrage wumpus, do those kinds of solar events last long enough to effect the entire planet?
07:47 wumpus I'm not sure. Solar mass ejections are potentially huge. But it'd probably not affect the entire planet homogeneously.
11:51 wxss I think we'd have other things to worry about if it did
12:01 wumpus sure, though building some kind of global economy again can't be that far down the list
12:30 luke-jr but if ~everyone loses their keys, there's probably not much value in keeping Bitcoin running as-is
12:31 luke-jr (I suppose this is where paper keys would shine)
12:34 wumpus eh yes good point
12:42 wxss wumpus: rumor has is that nChain and Craig Wright are patenting an interplanetary supercomputer for 10^65 arithmetic and licensing it to Bcash. So the post-EMP society should be able to bootstrap the economy with Bcash.
12:44 wxss *10^65 _bit_ number arithmetic
12:44 wumpus whehehe, yes that sounds like exactly the kind of hyped language he'd use
12:46 wumpus in the IPO brochure :-)
12:50 wxss
12:50 wxss ^ it's what his latest claim required in order to be mathematically possible, as andytoshi casually proved to him on reddit the other day ;) it was even 10^78 bit lol
14:05 wumpus heh
22:54 keymone a possibly stupid question - what happens when miner generates a block with "incorrect" timestamp? like in far future or in the past?