Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/11/08

05:39 JohnVonNeumann good evening all, or morning, depending where you are, quick question, ive noticed there seems to be a migration away from using boost libs in the codebase, in particular with testing. Whats the reasoning? is it to keep imports low so code quality can be controlled?
05:41 achow101 JohnVonNeumann: boost is a big and somewhat messy library. We are trying to avoid having dependencies on things which we cannot control or are hard for us to understand (e.g. really big libs like boost and openssl) because they can introduce major bugs and potentially even consensus bugs which are really bad
05:42 achow101 in general it is also better to have less dependencies as that will reduce binary size and compile time
05:44 JohnVonNeumann ty for explanation achow101, this makes sense, will it be a lot of refactoring or is boost's lib capaabilities only used for a handful of things?
05:44 JohnVonNeumann terrible wording on that, sorry
05:45 achow101 JohnVonNeumann: boost is really only used for tests now. we aren't going through everything and nuking all boost yet. rather as things change we will slowly be removing boost when it is unnecessary
05:45 achow101 well tests and a few other things. nothing consensus critical IIRC
05:45 achow101 it is unlikely that we will be able to get rid of boost entirely though
05:45 JohnVonNeumann whys that?
05:46 JohnVonNeumann is there not a risk of creating a lot of maintenenace work by rolling our own libs instead of importing them?
05:48 achow101 we won't be rolling our own libs for most things. however a lot of things in boost eventually make their way into the std c++ lib so when they do, we replace the boost things with the std c++ version
05:48 achow101 e.g. there's now a std bind, so boost bind calls are being replaced with std bind
05:50 JohnVonNeumann ahh ok, what do you mean by std bind? im pretty new to c++
05:50 JohnVonNeumann im happy to read resources instead of a full explan, if you have an recommendations
05:51 achow101 there's a function call std::bind which is basically the same as boost::bind but in std c++
05:52 JohnVonNeumann ahh so basically just where and how we source it
05:52 achow101 yes
05:52 JohnVonNeumann ok ty
10:54 rafalcpp hi, are there plans to fix Gitian to work again on Debian 9 host?
11:39 wumpus rafalcpp: if you get it to work, please submit a patch
11:42 rafalcpp wumpus: is anyone else working on it, I have some experience with Gitian, but not sure how to fix it. Any ideas?
11:43 wumpus I don't think anyone else is working on it, no
18:32 dviola I decided not to prune, I'll get another hard drive to store everything
19:01 iwkse dviola: that's what I'm going to do as well. Move my blockchain to an internal HD (currently on HD USB)
19:02 dviola iwkse: I see
23:09 cluelessperson Has anyone put thought into making sure the bitcoin network can survive an EMP ?
23:10 cluelessperson For example, emergency relay systems