Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/11/07

20:44 dviola how often will a pruned-node user is likely to run into "I need to have the full chain on disk" by just using the wallet functionality?
20:46 dviola I have 69GB left on this disk, I'm thinking about pruning but I'm not sure I'll ever need the data
21:01 wxss dviola: back it up on an external disk so you don't have to download >160 GB in case you do need it in the future
21:03 Sentineo well there might be times when you will need it. 160GB is not that much ...
21:08 dviola sounds like I'll need to get a larger drive
21:09 wxss seems a necessary preparation for the fork season
21:14 dviola what do you mean?
21:15 dviola that I'll need to use their node to redeem funds?
21:25 mlz dviola, what do you mean "their node"?
21:26 dviola btc1
21:26 dviola b2x
21:26 mlz i don't get it
21:27 dviola "seems a necessary preparation for the fork season"
21:27 dviola I'm curious what wxss means by that
21:27 mlz oh
21:29 wxss dviola: I mean this time of the year when suddenly everybody starts forking Bitcoin. If you want to dump your fork coins, you may want to install their wallets and so you have to store not one but suddenly four 160GB blockchains
21:34 dviola I see
21:35 dviola hopefully they fork electrum too, so I can install, redeem and uninstall
21:49 blackwind_123 is there a python client which will collect all the bitcoin transaction and generate a block and then submit it to the node.
21:49 blackwind_123 is there a complete end to end solution in python. I know python would be very slow as a real world solution for the same. but im trying to understand the underyling basics of bitcoin using python