Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/11/01

00:50 rupy hi, can you use the old deprecated accounts with segwit transactions?
00:56 rupy I'll expand on that, I don't think bitcoin will ever become anything more than store of value unless there is an internal accounting system.
00:56 rupy Is anyone looking into accounts or is it still deprecated, and when will it be defunct/removed?
01:31 achow101 rupy: accounts are a Bitcoin Core only thing, not a networkwide thing. there is no "internal accounting system" in Bitcoin at all
01:31 achow101 rupy: accounts should still work with segwit
01:34 rupy ok, thx
01:36 rupy do you know if any open-source alternative to the deprecated accounts in core exists yet?
02:44 mlz rupy, if you want "accounts", use fiat systems
03:51 ghost43 if I call a method via JSON-RPC without any arguments but it expected some, is the common error code to expect -1 (RPC_MISC_ERROR)? I would just like to test via JSON-RPC whether a method is available in a somewhat generic way
07:18 rupy @mlz I'm aiming for off-chain microtransactions, and no I'm not going to use fiat for that.
14:09 paulo_ hello
14:09 paulo_ why is the difficulty encoded in the blocks?
14:09 paulo_ can't the client calculate it based on the timestamps?
15:05 achow101 paulo_: it allows clients to not have the full blockchain to be able to calculate whether a proof of work is valid
15:05 achow101 s/full blockchain/full headers chain/
15:06 paulo_ okay. are there clients that not have the full headers chain?
15:06 paulo_ or is it more of a "just in case"?
15:07 achow101 it's more of a "just in case" I think
15:08 achow101 it doesn't hurt to have the target specified in the header
15:08 paulo_ okay, thank you.
15:53 paulo_ why does the client need to keep both sides when the blockchain forks?
15:53 paulo_ why not use a rule, like follow the block with the smaller hash?
18:23 kallewoof paulo_: hash doesn't really matter, as long as it's below target. it keeps both because it has no idea which one miners will build on top of next
21:17 ghost43 how can I force a blockchain reorg on regtest? e.g. can I somehow set assumeNOTvalid for a header? :D can't see any useful command for this in bitcoin-cli help
21:20 ghost43 I guess I could do this on the filesystem layer by making copies of the db... I'll do that for now, but would still be interested if there's a better way
22:47 esotericnonsense ghost43: sync up another client with stopatheight and mine from that height?
22:48 esotericnonsense haven't tried it, just a guess
22:50 ghost43 esotericnonsense: yes, that might work. or I could just partition the network and do it that way. but it would be nice to be able to do it with a single node