Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/10/31

03:57 rusty Hmm, in my test suite, bitcoind is occasionally decoding a SW transaction wrong. Any clues how this could happen?
04:03 rusty v0.14.2.0-gfc61c83 Hmm, maybe we should upgrade the docker img.
04:20 achow101 rusty:
04:22 rusty achow101: wait, what, decoderawtransaction tries to handle zero-input txs? FFS...
04:22 achow101 rusty: yes, for fundrawtransaction
04:26 rusty achow101: hmm, this is valid. my node decodes it fine. I think this is actually a 0.14 bug. I don't know why it doesn't fail all the time.
04:27 rusty (my node is 0.15)
04:27 achow101 rusty: it is a specific bug in 0.13.x-0.14.x which was fixed in 0.15.x+ by the above pull request
04:27 achow101 it is a bug specifically in decoderawtransaction and the functions it calls
04:28 rusty achow101: ah, ack. I missed the merge halfway through that conversation. Thanks.
12:51 paulo_ hello
12:51 paulo_ is it okay to talk about the lightning network here?
12:53 sturles Depends. There is #lightning-dev as well.
13:02 paulo_ ok, thanks
13:03 wanna_be_dev Hi guys. After updating my ubuntu 12.04 32 nodes to bitcoin 0.15 ( pruned), on each startup the client is doing a "Rewinding blocks" process which goes on for a while and afterwards the node operates as usual.
13:03 wanna_be_dev I downgraded one of the nodes to 0.14.1 and got this message: Unable to rewind the database to a pre-fork state. You will need to redownload the blockchain. Please restart with -reindex or -reindex-chainstate to recover.
13:04 wanna_be_dev What fork is it referring to? Reindexing all my nodes will be very time consuming so hopefully someone can help me out
13:08 paulo_ does the client reject blocks if it contains too few transactions?
14:01 sturles No.