Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/10/29

01:13 BGL twice now the core client just disappears out of the systray even though its still running, and requires ending task on it and re-loading to bring it back
07:13 phantomcircuit BGL, submit an issue on github
08:14 wallet42 is there no 1 call rpc for this?
12:14 wuzamarine what would be a good ticket for a bitcoind n00b to look at? I'm nifty with C and would like to participate.
12:15 wuzamarine Linux, gmake is my environment
13:15 jb55 wuzamarine:
15:53 wuzamarine jb55: " Bitcoin Core should throw a warning during init if the peerbloomfilters boolean is enabled (this is currently set by default)" Should there also be a disable feature? Based on just the request its self, it sounds like they just want the warning thrown with the other half of the bool turned off. Is that correct?