Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/10/28

00:35 denisx are there plans to switch from leveldb to RocksDB?
02:16 phantomcircuit denisx, why would there be
02:17 denisx phantomcircuit: it seems to be faster than levelDB, it is more optimized for more cpus
02:27 denisx phantomcircuit: and it is based on leveldb, so maybe it is easy to switch to it
17:46 wallet42 Q about `getrawmempool true`: is the size the total size or vsize or only baseblock size for segwit transactions?
17:51 arubi it's vsize for segwit transaction, so the total would be the total in weight units
23:52 coolhp48 Hi all. I have a question regarding BIP70 (or rather the proper implementation of).
23:52 coolhp48 Am I to understand that the certificate used to sign the PaymentRequest message needs to be a publically recognised CA ?
23:53 coolhp48 I'm tried using a self generated openssl CA but when trying to process a payment on any kind of wallet, the wallets only accept the request if I've trusted that CA on the device first.... which is ridiculous...
23:55 coolhp48 I thought the idea behind BIP70 was to allow for client to server notifications of payment status. But the implementation cost would be pretty steep if I one needs to get a trusted tier 2 CA to implement it.
23:55 coolhp48 I've tried signing them with a letsencrypt certificate but those do not have the keyCertSign bit on.
23:56 coolhp48 Or is there another kind of certificate I do not know about ?