Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/10/26

02:16 jb55 arubi: making progress!
02:17 jb55 about half way done the evaluator. tricky bits are the weird scriptnum logic
02:17 jb55 well at least the tricky stuff I ran into so far
02:21 esotericnonsense jb55: this is very cool
02:22 jb55 thanks :D
02:23 esotericnonsense saw the original link above. a decompiler in particular might be useful for me to jam into my TUI.
02:23 esotericnonsense i started writing one but gave up :P
02:23 jb55 tui?
02:23 esotericnonsense
02:24 jb55 whoa that's awesome
02:25 esotericnonsense thank you :)
06:10 arubi jb55, awesome stuff :)
13:11 rafalcpp hello, in Gitian, do we build (crossbuild) libQT and so on, or does Gitian build process download pre-packaged QT library for windows release and uses that in our mingw crosscompiler
17:52 jb55 blocks to difficulty adjust is '2016 - (height % 2016)' right? just making sure.
17:52 jb55 I think that makes sense since '2016 - (2015 % 2016) = 1'
18:17 arubi yep