Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/10/23

12:55 pbase hi i am syncing the chain currently. is it normal that the download is intermittent?
14:24 adiabat pbase: how intermittent? Like on the order of seconds / minutes, or it will stop downloading for hours?
14:25 adiabat especially with a mechanical hard drive, download can be quite bursty, and it can take a few minutes of disk i/o with no apparent progress
20:32 iwkse hi, could someone explain what actually means mining a block? I understood miners are rewarded by signing transactions with fees but also by mining a block. i don't get what this means. It's like creating an "encrypted cell" where transactions can fit?
20:33 iwkse that's for #bitcoin, I choose the wrong windwo ;)
22:00 volure Hey guys. I am trying to keep my bitcoin core in running order. but I am a bit lost... I have a yum repo for "bitcoin-release-1-3" on centos 7. But they have "bitcoin-server" and "bitcoinclassic-server"
22:00 volure Can anyone tell me how to determine which of these is the regular bitcoins ?
22:01 Dizzle I would imagine "bitcoin-server". Classic was an alternative implementation with different consensus rules from bitcoin.
22:03 volure ok.
22:03 volure Thank you :)
22:28 dviola hi
22:29 dviola I don't fully understand what happens when I need more than 100 addresses? if I click on 'request payment' in qt I will eventually end up with lots of addresses
22:29 dviola there's no limit to how many addresses I can create?