Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/10/22

02:11 cluelessperson hye guys, sorry to bother you, I'm trying to recover a corrupted wallet.dat file, it looks like I have a hex dump
02:12 cluelessperson can you maybe inform me how to recognize the key format in this context, or the data structure to find it within?
02:14 midnightmagic :-o
02:15 midnightmagic the corrupted wallet file itself can be scanned for private keys. there is a wallet recovery salvager I think built directly into bitcoin.
02:16 midnightmagic cluelessperson: Take a full backup of the corrupted file, then use -salvagewallet on it. A hexdump is not what you want. You need the raw file.
02:16 midnightmagic But.. I guess topic for #bitcoin, although this channel sees virtually no use.
02:17 cluelessperson midnightmagic: to be clear, this file looks nothing like a berkeley database now, there may be leftover structures in it, but it's basically a bunch of the bytes from that section of the hard drive
02:17 cluelessperson my bad, it's not ehx
02:17 midnightmagic Doesn't matter. The salvagewalelt thing scans through the raw data looking for keys.
02:17 cluelessperson midnightmagic: sweet, thank you
02:18 midnightmagic And.. Hrm. I'm not actually sure how it *recognizes* keys, and whether it just compares the data byte-by-byte with the utxo, or.. hrm. Well anyway, look into that option. It's a start.
02:19 cluelessperson midnightmagic: will do, I have another copy of bitcoin core on my windows machine I can screw with
02:20 midnightmagic ok
04:29 LowKey Hi, How to generate genesis block ?
04:36 r251d LowKey: in a fresh regtest environment execute the RPC/bitcoin-cli command `generate 1`
04:38 LowKey r251d: can i use that command on daemon ? -daemon
04:39 LowKey r251d: i dont have bitcoin-cli
04:40 r251d How do you issue RPC commands without bitcoin-cli? Are you running Bitcoin core GUI?
04:42 r251d The GUI has a debug window where you can execute most (all?) of bitcoin-cli commands. Open Core on regtest, open the debug window, go to it's console, and type `generate 1`
04:43 r251d s/it's/its/
04:51 LowKey ok r251d , i will try. :)
09:22 Sentineo hello, anybody can explain what this error means?
09:22 Sentineo
09:22 Sentineo is this something on my side (hw soon to die) or with bitcoind?
09:23 Sentineo using v0.15.0.1
15:00 denisx has bench_bitcoin any options, because it is crashing for me after the ‘Trig’ line