Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/10/21

00:03 prestwich has anyone considered transaction expiries? Kindof the opposite of timelocks. They'd render transactions invalid after specific time
00:04 prestwich I'm looking into HTLCs and atomic trades, and being able to expire specific transactions, or having expiry ops in scripts seems very useful
04:48 meshcollider in what script would you put such an op code
07:13 \x hello
07:13 \x why cant I brodcast 0-fee on 0.15 now?
07:13 \x it works on 0.14 and 0.14 s2x
07:13 \x aka btc1
07:14 \x is there a way for me to brodcast 0-fee?
07:16 \x back then I can brodcast 0-fee on coins with high coin days destroyed
15:50 LowKey Hi, I have questions, what meaning of ProcessBlock() : CheckBlock FAILED & CheckBlock() : first tx is not coinbase , is it wallet issue?
16:33 prestwich meshcollider: you'd have to do a protocol layer expiry, and an opcode expiry for script. You'd use the opcode to change spending conditions over time. Right now execution paths can become valid after time, but not invalid after time.
16:35 prestwich Example: a p2sh multisig that rotates owner pubkeys over time.