Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/10/20

06:22 eck bro
10:03 LowKey Hi, I want to ask, what the mean of CDNSSeedData ? Is it belongs to node IP or hostname?
11:35 wumpus LowKey: I don't understand your question
11:41 LowKey wumpus: it's ok,i just find out
11:41 wumpus ok
11:42 LowKey wumpus: is there any tutorial to compile wallet windows qt?
11:43 wumpus
11:45 LowKey ok noted thanks wumpus
18:23 dviola hi
18:23 dviola bitcoin will never expoose account info if I run my node with all ports open right?
18:24 arubi all? you don't mean forwarding rpc right?
18:25 arubi dviola, if you want privacy in transaction relay, you can use set up tor and use 'onlynet=onion' in your .conf . also you can easily host a hidden service for incoming connections. that's what I do
18:26 dviola arubi: no, I mean port 8333
18:27 arubi it's more academic than anything, but if I have a very broad view of the network, and you ip was the first to publish some transaction, I can assume you had something to do with it
18:27 arubi if you use tor to broadcast your transactions, you gain privacy in that sense
18:28 dviola I see, but my IP is never exposed anywhere right?
18:28 dviola in transactions
18:28 arubi no, but everyone who's connected to you can see your ip obviously
18:28 dviola I see
18:29 arubi (unless you use onions)
18:29 dviola I'm just curious if there is a way to track transactions to IP addresses
18:29 arubi sure there is, I just gave an example :)
18:30 dviola interesting
18:31 dviola will my node still be useful if I run it through tor?
18:31 dviola I imagine there are less nodes that use it
18:31 arubi not less usefull, even more useful because there are few ^
18:31 dviola I see
18:31 dviola I'll think about using that
18:31 arubi I've been running exclusively on tor for years. it's not an issue at all
18:31 dviola cool
18:31 arubi and really, I'm always saturated with connections
18:32 arubi dviola, also a benefit that when accepting incoming connections over tor, you don't need to open any ports at all
18:33 arubi the proxy just forwards everything to the hidden service that's only listening on localhost
18:33 dviola I see, nice
20:13 esotericnonsense if you run a node with many incoming connections then to some extent you're providing more plausible deniability for the origination of transactions anyway because you'll be relaying more of them