Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/10/19

16:11 Sentineo does not seem like lucky, all my outgoing connections are ipv6 on my node. Is this intended? Not the first time I see this behavior ...
16:15 wumpus that's interesisting, I see mostly the opposite behavior, outgoing connections are seldom ipv6. Somehow your node knows mostly ipv6 peers? Is your ipv4 working or somehow firewalled?
17:29 Sentineo wumpus: I have a public ipv4, the ipv6 is a 6to4 tied to my ipv4. I see a lot of ipv6 connection errors on my anither node that is not reachable from outside.
17:32 Sentineo wumpus: the ipv4 is firewalled on my side, the isp has no firewall rules on it.
17:34 wumpus so I expect it's unable to make ipv4 connections to many nodes for some reason, and ipv6 connections succeed
17:36 wumpus a way to force it to make ipv4 connections would be with addnode w/ known nodes
17:53 Sentineo ok, I have shut down my uto4 iface, lets see if I loose all connections outside
17:53 Sentineo s/uto4/6to4/
18:36 sepisoad hi, i want to develop a web service which offers some bitcoin functionalit, like creating a wallet, sending/receiving coins or getting balance
18:37 sepisoad now, my question is that can i use a light version of bitcoin client and use bitcoin RPC json api, I do not want to download the whole bitcoin blockchain
18:38 sepisoad if my question is opaque please let me know so that I try to explain it another way (sorry for my poor english)
18:41 wumpus if you run a online bitcoin wallet service, and hold money for others, you should definitely run your own node, and not take the risk of running a light client
18:43 wumpus and if you use e.g. electrum would suggest you run the server(s) yourself
18:43 wumpus to not be dependent on a third party
18:53 Sentineo yeah so if you do that you might as well run bitcoin-core ... cause you need core for electrum server :)
18:53 wumpus yes
18:54 Sentineo ah he is not here anymore
18:57 wumpus I think it's quite sad, people wanting to create services with so much at stake, but too cheap to run even their own node. I don't want to think of the other security compromises they make.
19:06 Sentineo yeah
19:06 Sentineo wumpus: btw yes there is something filtering my ipv4 that goes out so it seems, after turning off the 6to4 tunnel only incoming connections remained on the node
19:07 Sentineo will have to hunt down the rule that does it
19:08 wumpus you can make outgoing connections on port 8333 can you try with e.g. telnet or nc?
19:09 wumpus 8333 should be open
19:37 Sentineo yeah I could make it there
19:38 Sentineo I have no response, but the tcp socket is up
19:39 Sentineo I mean sending some ascii on 8333 will not make the other side reply me ;)
20:00 wumpus right, typing anything won't get anything back
20:00 wumpus you could try to addnode it
20:00 wumpus another thing you can try is shutdown your node, rename peers.dat to something else, then restart it
20:00 wumpus it might be that, somehow, it only knows about ipv6 nodes
20:02 Sentineo yeah, will try. waiting for the node to shutdown
20:02 Sentineo I naivly thiught at first that address families do not mix
20:03 Sentineo so an ipv4 only node should not know about ipvu peers