Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/10/18

06:32 totolo has gmaxwell ever clarified what he meant by the fact that he proved consensus impossible, and how his result relates to the FLP paper from 1985? is his result published somewhere?
07:36 totolo found this: nothing formal apparently
17:09 matsjj In the developer guide, it says about SigHash types: 'if a two-input transaction has one input signed with NONE and one input signed with ALL, the ALL signer can choose where to spend the satoshis without consulting the NONE signer—but nobody else can modify the transaction' - but can't a miner just remove the ALL input, and change the output? After all, it's not protected by the NONE signature?
17:11 arubi NONE means signing none of the outputs and all the inputs
17:14 matsjj Oh I see - NONE|ANYONECANPAY is attackable like this then?
17:14 arubi yes, that one is pretty much "take my coins"
17:16 matsjj Gotcha, thanks!
17:16 arubi np