Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/10/15

03:29 jonasschnelli iwkse: external disk drives (especially USB thumb drives) are not supported
03:29 jonasschnelli (by leveldb, the database library/layer used in Core)
03:30 jonasschnelli Though your pastebin shows nothing suspicious
04:59 shmoon anyone on ? :D
05:00 iwkse jonasschnelli: I've run bitcoin from my netbook and it didn't crash. It's an external driver usb, not a thumb drive. I don't know they are not supported
05:01 jonasschnelli iwkse: yeah. They not supported because they often do not work as intended (depends on the file system used on the external drive)
05:01 jonasschnelli The UTXO access also needs to be as fast as possible... therefore internal HDD/SSD are more sane
05:01 jonasschnelli If you want to reduce space, try pruning
05:02 jonasschnelli Or smylink out your blocks directory (thats the major part of the data that could be run on a USB drive:
05:06 iwkse jonasschnelli: oh nice, that would be handy to just have the blocks on USB
05:06 jonasschnelli iwkse: Yes. Sadly there is no out-of-the-box feature...
05:07 jonasschnelli But also consider pruning. You have the same security as a standard full node but just discard the old block files (you no longer give blocks to other peers)
05:07 jonasschnelli (startup -prune=550 [irreversible without re-downloading everything])
05:09 iwkse ok thank you :)
05:32 shmoon This section that talks about escrow
05:32 shmoon mentions this "After looking at the evidence, Alice thinks a 40% refund is sufficient, so she creates and signs a transaction with two outputs, one that spends 60% of the satoshis to Bob’s public key and one that spends the remaining 40% to Charlie’s public key."
05:32 shmoon Does it mean the transaction from Alice-the-arbitrator is a simple P2PKH one ?
05:32 shmoon in that case the section should have said public key hash and not public key, no ?