Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/10/13

11:19 tomdickharry im trying to find a bitcoin core .wallet via a hex search....the extension was removed in the past for security reasons...
11:19 tomdickharry is there any pattern that's unique to this file?
11:19 tomdickharry *to these files i mean
13:11 pbase hi i am currently syncing the core wallet which is pruned. Can i copy paste the entire downloaded data for a second wallet on a different computer (local)
13:11 pbase basically what i want to do is to save time in syncing the data on the second computer
14:48 adiabat pbase: you can try copying the .bitcoin/chainstate and database folders; I've done so and it has worked
14:49 adiabat I don't know if that's a recommended / ok practice though. But across the same cpu architecture and version, I've seen it work
15:11 grubles --enable-asm is default now, right?