Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/10/10

01:12 buhrmi hey guys .. when I run `bitcoin-cli -rpcuser=buhrmi getbalance` why does it return a correct result even I'm not passing the -rpcpassword parameter?
02:43 molz buhrmi, did you run your wallet with '-server' ?
02:45 buhrmi molz: just `bitcoind --daemon`
02:49 molz buhrmi, do you have a .cookie file in your bitcoin folder?
02:53 buhrmi molz: not that i know of ... don't see anything in ~ or ~/.bitcoin
03:05 molz buhrmi, did you do "getbalance" on the bitcoin-qt console?
03:05 buhrmi molz: no i don't have bitcoin-qt installed. it's running on a server
03:05 molz oh wait you said bitcoin-cli so i guess you did it on the commandline
03:06 buhrmi yeah
03:06 molz strange, it doesn't work for me like that on the commandline, but it works on the console
09:16 maret Hello I am trying to find out how many transaction would ligthing network handle. In the whitepaper they mention billions of transactions which seems like too high and theoretical number.
09:27 Sentineo it scales exponentialy, so it can be real, based on channel numbers
10:34 maret Sentineo: i see and whare are expectations?
16:06 grubles bitcoind(13679) in malloc(): bogus pointer (double free?) 0xdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdf
16:06 grubles looks like bitcoind crashes on openbsd 6.2
16:08 grubles cloned from github (0.15.99)
17:23 esotericnonsense maret if you're still around under some other nick there was a slide deck that calculated it based on reasonable expectations of numbers of channel opens/closes
17:23 esotericnonsense i believe the estimate was 10-20 million users assuming 50% of tx are LN opens/closes at current block weight/size caps
17:24 esotericnonsense those users could transact as often as they wanted (counting TX is not that useful, within an LN channel i don't see how there is a cap at all unless there's some sequence number or something)
17:24 esotericnonsense e.g. i could open a channel with someone and do ten billion tx with just that person, np
17:30 arubi I think an absolute cap might be something like using up all the shachain tree
17:30 arubi but I haven't looked at LN docs in a while unfortunately
17:31 arubi but that's a huge number anyway
17:34 arubi yea 2^48-1 secret preimages can be generated from one seed, I don't think you'll be using those up. lots of fees :)
17:41 esotericnonsense yeah, i figured there'd be something like that
17:41 esotericnonsense but an absurd number that is not really relevant, :p
17:49 arubi hehe yea, 10 billion are still a go
20:31 parco any talks of some sort of 'official' auxiliary blockchain, that can be used alongside bitcoins, meant to store 'custom' data?
23:24 luke-jr parco: OpenTimestamps?