Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/09/30

10:52 rendar is blockchain quantumsafe? i mean, a quantum computer could break it, or not?
11:18 nirj34 hello there, could you please give me an example of a well-documented API?
13:22 wallet42 getrawtransaction states it only works for mempool tx. and deprecated it works for tx that have unspents. 1) how does it work for transactions with unspent (when -txindex is not enabled) 2) when will this deprecated functionality be removed?
13:26 Sentineo where did you read it is deprecated?
19:25 esotericnonsense Sentineo: it is in the help text.
19:26 esotericnonsense am I just dumb, or is github code search wanky?
19:27 esotericnonsense there's no case sensitive option? really?
19:29 esotericnonsense wallet42: investigating the code briefly it looks like it the coins db has an index of txid -> block and from there it scans through the block to find the tx. fAllowSlow
19:29 esotericnonsense no that's not right
19:30 esotericnonsense there's an index of txid,outpoint, so it just looks up txid,0 txid,1 txid,2 and bails out if it reaches a limit.
19:34 Sentineo esotericnonsense: ah ok, cause i missed that and am using it. what is the replacement for it?
20:32 suryab is there any way to identify a node as being a bitcoin unlimited node aside from the version string? There doesn't seem to be a unique message start or any service bits specific to bitcoin unlimited