Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/09/28

01:50 foothedreamer Hello Greg, following your comment on 'Address expiration times should be added to BIP-173' thread, you mentioned that changes is not possible, because BIP is already deployed, but BIP173 is still in draft status, what are the guidelines for changes during draft stage?
02:12 vivo Quick question. What is RPC?
02:26 r251d vivo: "RPC" means "remote procedure call". It's a way for other applications to use Bitcoin Core features.
08:34 sdfgsdfg its just API
08:35 sdfgsdfg wow... q from 6 hours ago. I'm rushing for help ! lol
18:26 Chris_Stewart_5 What is the significance of 0xaa21a9ed in the witness commitment in the coinbase tx output vector
18:30 Chris_Stewart_5 Is it picked at random?
18:30 arubi probably some string that isn't likely to occur anywhere with meaning
18:30 arubi so you can search for it in a tx without actually parsing it
18:31 Chris_Stewart_5 arubi: I don't fully understand covert ASICBOOST, but I was wondering if that string was specifically picked to prevent it?
18:31 arubi nah
18:31 Chris_Stewart_5 ah ok.
18:32 arubi it's the witness commitment itself that ruins the very efficient type of covert boosting
18:33 arubi I say ruins but I actually like that it does that :)
18:39 arubi oh Chris_Stewart_5 , I just remembered: , see page 11 for segwit stuff
18:40 arubi txid commitment in coinbase rather. segwit having this is a byproduct
18:46 Sentineo so now it is picked to stop asic boost or not? ;,
18:48 arubi neither the wtxid commitment or the 0xaa21a9ed stuff were picket to stop this type of covert asicboost
18:50 arubi segwit uses wtxid commitment to commit to witnesses in transactions, and it puts it as an output in the generation tx because that's pretty much the cleanest place to put it aside from inventing some other transaction
18:50 Sentineo yeah an op return in the coinbase, right?
18:50 arubi as an output, yes
18:51 Sentineo cool pdf, will go over it when i have more time, I just raced through it
18:51 Sentineo ty
18:52 arubi yw
23:28 ohpesky Newbie here. Is there a way to write multisg script such that it only allows certain combination? Ex: 2 [PK 1] [PK 2] [PK 3] 3 checksig but the two signatures must contains 1's