Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/09/20

05:55 alexwaters anyone mind getting me up to speed on current OP_RETURN. is the length still limited to like 80 bytes or is it limited to the script limit of 10kb
05:56 alexwaters building something that uses it to store sha2 + xpub - so not that it matters just curious
05:57 alexwaters and not on the bitcoin main net, that's a silly place
07:16 esotericnonsense 40 bytes
07:17 alexwaters esotericnonsense, well dang. ty
07:19 esotericnonsense it's really only there as a concession to stop people doing stupid stuff like encoding data in addresses or other unprunable outputs
07:19 esotericnonsense (well, not stop, incentivise)
07:26 alexwaters @esotericnonsense i wish my bitcoin wallet had option to install bitmessage plugin :wink: