Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/09/17

07:09 hkjn0 hey folks, after upgrading to 0.15 I noticed that the getblockchaininfo RPC returns a *decreasing* verificationprogress on my node..
07:09 hkjn0 the node was fully synced on 0.14, so I interpret this as the node receiving new blocks but for some reason being unable to verify them
07:11 hkjn0 debug logs don't say much of anything, and while I could remove all the blocks or similar, I wanted to check if someone has hunches of what could be going wrong / what I could check
07:12 gmaxwell ugh. no.
07:13 gmaxwell 1) questions about core should go to #bitcoin-core-dev this channel is mostly dead.
07:13 gmaxwell 2) verificationprogress is a very rough estimate based on the time and height... rpc probably shouldn't return it IIRC the GUI hides it once its over 90%
07:21 hkjn0 ah, thanks gmaxwell. I switched to getblockchaininfo due to deprecation notice from getinfo, which I used until 0.14..
07:23 hkjn0 but it is in the 97% range, so I'll just disregard it then, and try to understand what the number means to build the right intuition here..
07:24 gmaxwell it's generally impossible for a bitcoin node to know if it's synced or not, it's always trying to sync more. the verification progress is just a rough hurestic based on expected numbers of blocks vs time
07:25 hkjn0 yes, I get that, was just non-intuitive to see the number slowly dropping :)
07:31 hkjn0 ah, *now* I get what you're saying.. the verificationprogress number is just "how many blocks *should* I have gotten, if they arrived 10 min apart"? that makes perfect sense that it's very slowly decreasing then, because each time I look at it (with 'watch') a few more seconds have gone by with no new block..
07:32 hkjn0 agreed that it might be more confusing to expose it in the RPC response than not, then.. you have at least one data point of someone being needlessly confused about it, right here!
07:39 gmaxwell thanks!
18:05 knaccc anyone know anything about this?
18:07 knaccc the coinbase article on this says: "The W3C is already working with third-party payments apps to integrate both cryptocurrency and non-credit card forms of payment into the API in a way that can be interpreted by merchants and consumers"
23:31 Krellan Known bug already? In 0.15, on MacOS, it crashed for me every time during startup, until I ran it again with -resetguisettings option.
23:46 esotericnonsense Krellan: there are a few issues that seem to be related to that.
23:46 esotericnonsense is an example.
23:48 Krellan Thanks - by luck I was running with -debug= when it happened, and also I saved the MacOS crash dialog, if that might help
23:49 esotericnonsense Krellan: there's a (possible) fix for that specific issue that's already in master
23:49 esotericnonsense Krellan: so it might not be necessary now
23:49 esotericnonsense keep it around just in case i guess :)
23:50 Krellan Good - thanks - have a GitHub link for that?
23:50 esotericnonsense it's linked at the bottom of the page, 11332
23:51 Krellan OK - final line in my debug text was this: GUI: TransactionTablePriv::refreshWallet