Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/09/16

12:07 Cocodude esotericnonsense: Thanks for the link to the wallet symbolic link request.
20:43 iwkse hi, I have an issue with the passphrase on the wallet. I created it from terminal and when I put it the passphrase also contains the symbol ! which was not escaped. When I insert the passphrase it doesn't tell me the passphrase is wrong but instead that there's an error parsing JSON:walletpassphrase. Any help?
20:44 iwkse nevermind I fixed it
20:44 iwkse damn
20:44 iwkse :)
20:49 iwkse I had to expect I guess ! was going to be substituted
20:49 iwkse when I use gpg though, never had such a problem
21:44 iwkse wouldn't be better to add double check of wallet encryption passphrase and something like gpg where you don't need to care about escapes? (though the first would be enough)