Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/09/14

04:28 GypsyScotty I'm using json-rpc to bitcoind. Using request method "getwalletinfo", does anybody know if the transaction count "txcount" value returned from the api will reliably increase for every incoming and outgoing transaction associated with the private keys in the wallet, and if so does it have an upper limit or any gotchas I should know about? I'm considering using it as an indicator as to
04:28 GypsyScotty whether or not my script should "ListTransactions" and account for any new transactions. If anybody knows of a better way that info would be welcome too, of course. :-) Link to Docs
04:29 GypsyScotty not sure if this is a questoin I should put into #bitcoin-core-dev but figured I should ask here first.
04:30 mr_burdell maybe wallet notify would be a better option
04:31 GypsyScotty cool, i'll check that :-)
04:31 GypsyScotty is that a part of the json-rpc API into bitcoin-core ?
04:33 mr_burdell -walletnotify=<cmd> Execute command when a wallet transaction changes (%s in cmd is replaced by TxID)
04:33 GypsyScotty i do see an "alert" but that looks like it's been depricated out
04:33 mr_burdell you add it to the config
04:33 GypsyScotty ahhhhhh interesting
04:34 GypsyScotty that sounds quite handy.. that way I don't have to "poll" the bitcoin-core daemon... except... hummm.. i wonder how fault tollerent it is... i'd probalby have to take precations so the system would resume properly if any part of it failed for any duration..
04:35 GypsyScotty which of course i'll have to do no matter what... hummm
04:35 mr_burdell you could use -blocknotify and just poll on each block
04:35 mr_burdell or both
04:36 luke-jr GypsyScotty: listsinceblock?
04:36 mr_burdell there's also ZMQ to get updates
04:36 GypsyScotty I much appreciate all the ideas :-)
04:36 luke-jr mr_burdell: ZMQ is (in general, not bitcoin-related) unreliable
04:37 mr_burdell ah ok... I haven't used it much
04:37 GypsyScotty hummm ListSinceBlock might be perfect... i'm going to have to cron/daemon some of my functions no matter what... book-keeping stuff.
04:38 luke-jr GypsyScotty: for payment confirmation, it only makes sense to check when a new block comes in (-blocknotify); for UI stuff, you may want to check more often for unconfirmed txs
04:39 GypsyScotty makes sense
16:36 boltzar hey guys! i see the new version of bitcoin core is out. do you know when can i update bitcoind on my server ?
16:37 boltzar i use ubuntu, if it matters
16:40 boltzar i have tried to upgrade via apt-get but i get the same version when i start it : "version": 140200
16:42 wxxs they won't be in the ubuntu repository yet, the new release has only been tagged for a few days
16:43 boltzar oh, so i have to wait for it to get in the ubunto repo right ?
16:43 wxxs you can compile from source or try the binaries here:
16:44 boltzar thanks
16:44 boltzar do you know what's the problem with the network ? why aren't the transactions getting confirmed ?
16:46 wxxs the mempool is filling up, what fee are you using?
16:47 boltzar about 2 $
16:47 wxxs in sat/byte?
16:47 boltzar 140
16:48 boltzar and i have some transactions from earlier today that i can't do anything with them...those are smaller... 14 sat/B
16:50 wxxs 140 sat/byte tx should be confirmed in the next block, 14 sat/byte is going to have to wait until the backlog is cleared
16:50 wxxs i am checking here:
16:50 wxxs and here:
16:50 wxxs in case you want to see it yourself
16:51 boltzar 140 sat/byte and it's unconfirmed for a 2 hours now...but i will wait...
16:58 boltzar already 30k transactions unconfirmed.
16:59 boltzar by the end of the day it will get to 60k i guess.
19:52 CryptAxe Does anyone happen to know a txid I could look at on a block explorer with a segwit output?
20:07 Chris_Stewart_5 CryptAxe:
20:07 cluelessperson Not found.
20:08 Chris_Stewart_5 sipas first segwit tx
20:09 CryptAxe Thank you!!!
20:09 CryptAxe Been looking for a while
20:09 CryptAxe cluelessperson it works for me
20:12 cluelessperson hm
20:15 cluelessperson CryptAxe: ah, looks like the library I'm using doesn't support SegWit TXes
20:16 cluelessperson petertodd: python-bitcoinlib finally broke. (but thank you for your service) :)
20:21 cluelessperson SegWit Transaction Found, but not yet supported by bitcoinlib :(
20:21 cluelessperson c586389e5e4b3acb9d6c8be1c19ae8ab2795397633176f5a6442a261bbdefc3a
20:21 cluelessperson CryptAxe: ^ there, because I'm lazy
20:44 CryptAxe Thank you cluelessperson :)
21:20 petertodd cluelessperson: heh, yeah, see the release notes for the latest v0.8.0 (?) release for the workaround; segwit is in git master, but I'm sure some details of the API will change when I get a chance to look at it properly
21:20 petertodd cluelessperson: <- example of a project using git master via subtrees
21:20 cluelessperson petertodd: thanks
21:20 petertodd cluelessperson: np!
21:21 cluelessperson thankth
21:37 lrvick So I am running bitcoind with: bitcoind -regtest -rpcuser=indexer -rpcpassword=indexer -rpcbind= -txindex -disablewallet=1 -rpcthreads=50 -rpcallowip=::/0
21:38 lrvick netstat -tulpn shows "tcp 0 0* LISTEN""
21:38 lrvick but I can't get the CLI to connect
21:39 lrvick bitcoin-cli -regtest -rpcuser=indexer -rpcpassword=indexer -rpcconnect=localhost -rpcport=18444 setgenerate true 101
21:39 lrvick error: couldn't connect to server: EOF reached (code 1)
21:40 lrvick I tried to RTFM but this is just not behaving how I expect. Trying to do some integration tests.
21:45 achow101 Irvick: bitcoind is not bound to localhost
21:47 lrvick -rpcconnect= has the same problem
21:48 lrvick or the external IP of the machine
22:03 CryptAxe Are you trying to use the CLI from the same system?
22:05 CryptAxe ./bitcoind -regtest -rpcuser=cryptaxe -rpcpassword=pass -server=1 -connect=localhost
22:05 CryptAxe works for me
23:24 lrvick CryptAxe: bitcoind and the cli won't be on the same system, in my setup.
23:24 lrvick thus me trying to listen on and connect via
23:24 lrvick which works as expected for modes other than regtest as best as I can tell
23:25 lrvick Either regtest breaks the ability to accept incoming connections from any ip, or I am doing it wrong
23:25 lrvick betting on the latter