Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/09/12

10:04 digitlimit I'm playing around with bitcoind -regtest.. I noticed each time I confirm a transaction by running bitcoin-cli -regtest generate 1, core balance increases by 50BTC, can anyone explain why?
10:11 GAit digitlimit: because it is simulating mining a block and sending the balance to the node's wallet
10:11 GAit s/balance/reward
11:15 nValue hi all
11:25 Pavle__ Hi, is there a list of bitcoin core dev who accept donations in BTC? I am a cartoonist and I am about to sell some of my stuff online, I want to donate the portion of my profit to, core dev and open baazar. Who can help me with this?
12:09 meshcollider Pavle__: I guess you could search them up individually on, quite a few of them have donation addresses on their profiles there, don't think there's a list like that though
14:43 Chris_Stewart_5 Who moderates the bitcoin dev mailing list?
14:44 Pavle_ Is there a list of core developers who need help in btc donations? I would like to open an ecommerce webstore and donate portion of profit to developers. Does it make any sense to do this or should I donate to an organization instead? Thank you in advance.
14:45 Sentineo Pavle_: u disconnected, but got an answer, let me paste it to you in a private message
15:18 JWU42 what is the closest command to the old 'getinfo' ?
15:18 JWU42 I see in HEAD 'getinfo' is no longer supported
15:53 achow101 JWU42: use getblockchaininfo, getnetworkinfo, or getwalletinfo
15:54 achow101 once is merged, bitcoin-cli will have a -getinfo option which will return almost the same info as getinfo
16:00 JWU42 achow101: thanks - I figured that was best but didn't try all
16:01 JWU42 that being getblockchaininfo