Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/09/11

00:21 esotericnonsense chucked it up on the site, i like the interaction much better, the cpu usage is hellish tho
00:23 esotericnonsense wait nevermind. no it's not. firefox is just using a good whack of cpu at idle and on other tabs. hahaha
07:01 digitlimit join /bit
07:02 digitlimit I have been playing around with bitcoin core installed on my local server...I use testnet and had about 50BTC and few accounts only to discover that the balance is 0.000000 today. I guess it happened after a server reboot. please advice ..what could have gone wrong
07:12 kallewoof digitlimit: accounts are buggy and shouldn't be used. you may be looking at the balance for the wrong account. Try `getbalance "*"`
07:19 digitlimit thanks kalletwoof: if don't use account means it's gonna be serious issue for me..means I must generate address for new member and track the address in my database
07:21 digitlimit i'm developing an escrow service.. want each member to have own account ..
07:21 kallewoof You do not want to use the accounts feature in that case.
07:22 kallewoof Or at all, for that matter.
07:24 digitlimit kallewoof: you suggest dealing with addresses only...generate addresses on core account? : 'bitcoin-cli -testnet getnewaddess'
07:24 digitlimit then use a database to identify users and their addresses?
07:26 kallewoof If you intend to have multiple users share a single bitcoin node then yes, you should keep track of their balances yourself.
07:27 digitlimit alright ..seems you are right about bitcoin account being buggy
07:27 digitlimit
07:28 digitlimit Account Weaknesses Since the accounts feature was introduced, several services have used it to keep track of customer's bitcoin balances and have had the following problems: Wallet backups are an issue; if you rely on a good backup of wallet.dat then a backup must be done every time an address is associated with an account and every time the 'move' command is used. The accounts code does not scale up to thousands of accoun
07:28 digitlimit Accounts would have made it easier dough :)
07:28 digitlimit not sure if there is any future plan to fix accounting bugs
07:41 kallewoof The plan I believe is to remove it as it is confusing new users. :/
12:23 wxxs johoe mempool statistics seems to be stuck since 12 hours:
13:31 esotericnonsense wxxs: my site is up atm
13:31 esotericnonsense wxxs: what do you mean by stuck though? no data after ~0000? is it utc?
13:33 wxxs It is stuck at Sep 10, 00:07. I believe that is UTC. Refresh doesn't help.
13:39 esotericnonsense right, i see now
13:39 Sentineo yeah
15:25 wxxs it's doing something again