Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/09/10

17:12 dviola hi, I just saw this:
17:12 dviola 2017-09-10 17:12:14 Imported mempool transactions from disk: 11486 successes, 36 failed, 0 expired
17:12 dviola 36 failed?
17:16 dviola is that anything to be worried about?
17:16 arubi probably got into a block while you were offline
17:16 arubi or double spent or w/e :)
17:17 dviola arubi: oh
17:18 dviola 2017-09-10 17:16:58 Imported mempool transactions from disk: 10101 successes, 83 failed, 0 expired
17:18 dviola hrmm
17:21 dviola I don't completely understand, maybe because I don't understand what the mempool is
17:21 arubi it's a pile of transactions you know about but are not in a block yet
17:21 dviola oh
17:23 dviola arubi: the failed transaction just means that those transactions didn't get into my mempool?
17:24 dviola because I was offline or something
17:25 arubi you had them, but they can't go back into your mempool now because they are either already in a block or double spent
17:25 dviola oh
17:25 dviola I see, thanks
17:25 arubi np
17:26 dviola in that case, my bitcoind will just release them from the mempool?
17:26 arubi it'll just not load them
17:26 dviola I see
17:27 dviola neat
17:34 esotericnonsense dviola: as far as i'm aware it's just written with the contents of your mempool on a clean shutdown
17:34 esotericnonsense and re-imported on load
17:34 esotericnonsense when it's written i think it just overwrites or deletes the old file entirely
17:38 dviola I see, thanks
22:07 esotericnonsense does anyone know if sites like bitcoinwisdom/ use off the shelf charting libraries or if they're handrolled?
22:07 esotericnonsense i'm shopping for charts, C3.js looks pretty good
22:11 esotericnonsense plotly looks tasty as well. hm
22:28 dugo esotericnonsense: ask around in #bitcoin-pricetalk
22:28 esotericnonsense i've decided to play around with c3 now, as long as it's 'good enough' that's fine, chartist is annoying me
22:29 esotericnonsense it seems the library is designed for basic mini-charts
22:40 ossifrage esotericnonsense, says the charts are custom ontop of canvas with small parts of d3
22:45 esotericnonsense thanks ossifrage
22:45 esotericnonsense c3.js looks to be absolutely perfect for what i need, just hoping the performance is sufficient when i load all the points in
22:45 esotericnonsense (c3 is built on d3)
22:47 ossifrage Just don't do whatever Johoe's Mempool Stats does which causes chrome to use 1GB of gpu memory and then crash out the gpu thread if I leave it running
22:47 esotericnonsense ossifrage: i just fixed a bug in my own site that was causing that LOL
22:48 esotericnonsense ossifrage: you've probably seen it, but - it's similar to johoe's but does a bit less atm
22:48 esotericnonsense maybe it won't kill your browser... (maybe it will)
22:49 esotericnonsense WARNING: URLs may contain browser-eating MALWARE! etc
22:49 ossifrage I started playing with writing a spam detector but got bored with the frontend visualization crap (very much not a web dev) and stopped working on it
22:50 esotericnonsense i'm kind of at the medium point now where i think i've spent probably 1/3 of my time on frontend, and a lot of the backend stuff i produce ends up with a frontend so it makes sense to learn
22:51 esotericnonsense the frontends are usually 'just get the job done' style affairs, but knowing JS better makes it far quicker/easier to maintain
22:52 esotericnonsense then there was the time I hand rolled an entire site in JS and now i'm not sure i want to look at it again (doesn't this happen with all code eventually? :P)
23:10 esotericnonsense hah using c3.js atm it uses 20% CPU just to have the points up. oh deary deary me.