Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/09/09

01:32 mr_burdell anyone know what's up with testnet? I'm seeing a block every few seconds
01:37 Emcy asic trolling
01:40 phantomcircuit Emcy, no there's a bug in the difficulty calculation for testnet (only tesntet)
14:12 esotericnonsense has anyone figured out a pattern to this mempool weirdness? fee estimation having weird stepping? abuse? leaning towards the latter
14:13 esotericnonsense check out the size graph at the bottom (by kB), also seeing this on my node
14:13 esotericnonsense ~constant linear increase in 10sat/b for 10 minutes, then flattening out for a few minutes, etc, looks really artificial
14:14 esotericnonsense would be interested to know if the tx have actually identical fees and some pattern to them
14:18 wxxs tx fee has been closing in on BCH for two weeks and is going to be equal soon
14:20 esotericnonsense wxxs: if i'm not missing something that chart is comparing btc sat to bch sat, makes no sense, the two differ in value
14:20 esotericnonsense it's pretty bonkers that bch has any tx fees at all though
14:23 wxxs you're right, it would have to be adjusted with the price ratio to be able to compare
14:24 wxxs without fees I would start backing up my laptop to the BCH chain
14:36 wxxs esotericnonense, 0-5 sat/byte tx has a steep inorganic increase at 14:30 GMT, 5-10 sat/byte at 15:00 GMT
14:37 esotericnonsense wxxs: yes, indeed, it's like someone flicked a switch to slowly feed in tx ;)
14:38 wxxs then we might see the same at 10-20 sat/byte right about now...
14:40 esotericnonsense if i'm not mistaken it's basically showing that centralization of mining allows for fee abuse :/
14:41 esotericnonsense math check: if you can add 10MB at 5sat/b, and that results in 1MB of 200sat/b appearing from others, if you have 25% of hashrate you're at breakeven
14:41 esotericnonsense (with variance of course if others get those fees)
14:43 esotericnonsense in fact i guess it's better than that because you're going to get 25% of the 5sat/b back on average as well
14:49 wxxs still a big gamble if luck is against you
14:50 wxxs the only pools with more than 10% are, ViaBTC, AntPool and - do any of these get to keep the fees?
21:47 JackH where are the hashes of the bitcoin core binaries posted for the latest versions?
22:02 esotericnonsense JackH: there are signatures up
22:02 esotericnonsense and hashes in the release folders on
22:03 esotericnonsense the tags are also signed on github
22:03 esotericnonsense e.g.
22:04 esotericnonsense SHA256SUMS.asc
22:21 JackH thx esotericnonsense
22:21 esotericnonsense np
22:32 JackH this is a weird one
22:32 JackH sha256sum: WARNING: 20 lines are improperly formatted
22:32 JackH sha256sum: WARNING: 10 listed files could not be read
22:32 JackH bitcoin-0.14.2-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz: OK
22:38 esotericnonsense the former is it moaning about the signature (did you check it? :P)
22:38 esotericnonsense the latter is just that it can't find the windows build, the linux 32bit build, etc
22:40 JackH yeah output is weird
22:40 JackH gpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!
22:40 JackH I assumed wladimirs key was in a trusted repo
22:41 esotericnonsense google for pgp web of trust
22:42 esotericnonsense it means that you have not 'trusted' his key, (which makes sense unless you have met him in person or similar and verified it)
22:42 JackH ahh alright