Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/09/08

03:32 ossifrage dviola, that error is exactly as it sounds, the other side of the connection hung up. Happens all the time (4965 times in 10 days on my node)
11:06 jtfidje_ Hi. Quick question. How does this technology mitigate if "Bad guys" decide to flood miner network with millions of fake transactions?
11:33 Emcy quick rundown: fees
13:49 ilkmccr We have created our altcoin, genesis block for educational purposes, but we couldn't start the mining process. Because of internal miner has been removed from bitcoin, we can't mine. We have tried with cgminer, but because of cgminer asks getblocktemplate and gets response LEARNcoin is downloading blocks...
13:49 ilkmccr Could someone help me please ?
13:58 r251d ilkmccr: instead of making a new chain, just have your students use existing testnet chain to learn.
14:00 ilkmccr r251d: that does not help, could you please see my question again ?
14:01 r251d Nobody here is going to help you make a fork. Use testnet to learn, or please move your question to #bitcoin-forks
15:14 stevenroose Are block timestamps enforced to be incremental?
15:16 Chris_Stewart_5 stevenroose: Sort of. See BIP113
15:16 Chris_Stewart_5 "The median of the last 11 blocks is used instead of the block's timestamp, ensuring that it increases monotonically with each block. "
15:28 stevenroose "Since the consensus rules do not mandate strict ordering of block timestamps," so no
15:28 stevenroose :p
15:28 stevenroose That's kinda weird though
15:28 stevenroose Could be softforked though
15:37 Chris_Stewart_5 stevenroose: I feel like if it was pratical they would have
15:37 Chris_Stewart_5 instead of doing this median past time thing
19:54 esotericnonsense without a mechanism to push them back, timestamps would be pushed to the limit forwards
20:06 dviola hi
20:06 dviola I see this in the debug.log: warning='16 of last 100 blocks have unexpected version'
20:06 dviola what does it mean?
20:21 dviola my node has already finished syncing :)
20:21 dviola I'm curious what that message means though
20:22 CryptAxe dviola you can ignore that message, it means that miners have created blocks with an unknown version number
20:22 CryptAxe That could be signalling for a incompatible softfork etc
20:23 dviola I see, thanks
20:24 CryptAxe No problem :) It's a scary message, maybe it should be more clear. You only saw it because you looked at the debug log though?
20:24 CryptAxe I think if it is in the debug log it's okay to be a bit technical, but not if it is shown on the GUI
20:24 dviola yeah, I didn't find it scary, just curious what it meant... I've been looking at the debug.log most of the time, with tail -f
20:25 dviola yeah, it is ok
20:25 CryptAxe Good practice, you'll actually learn a lot about Bitcoin just by following that file
20:26 dviola I see, nice
20:26 dviola 2017-09-06 12:31:18 socket recv error Connection reset by peer (104)
20:26 dviola 2017-09-06 12:31:19 connect() to failed after select(): Connection refused (111)
20:26 dviola those messages are normal too, right?
20:26 dviola 2017-09-07 17:24:52 ProcessMessages(version, 113 bytes) FAILED peer=71
20:28 CryptAxe Yeah it seems like the peer you were connected to went offline
20:29 dviola I see
20:29 dviola I'm surprised how light bitcoind is on resources, I'm using a 10 years old computer and I can't barely feel bitcoind is running (after the IBD sync is done)
20:30 dviola many thanks
20:31 dviola I've finished syncing today, after 7 days... was waiting for this day for a long time
20:31 CryptAxe It is programmed in C++ by some very talented people (not me ;) ) so it runs great
20:31 CryptAxe the initial block download is really the only bad part
20:32 dviola I see, I actually felt that it wasn't too bad after I updated to 0.15.0-rc3, that really helped a lot :)
20:32 CryptAxe And the core developers have REALLY improved IBD, I remember it taking significantly longer than it does now, even back when the blockchain was much smaller
20:32 dviola I'll definitely do it again if I have to
20:33 CryptAxe dviola yeah it keeps getting better.
20:33 dviola neat
20:33 dviola :)
20:33 CryptAxe dviola I usually update my own node around once every 6 months or so, so it isn't on the newest version all the time
20:33 CryptAxe that has worked out pretty well for me
20:33 CryptAxe I really want to start running some fullnodes to support the network again
20:34 dviola CryptAxe: cool
20:35 dviola I'm from brazil and our internet connection isn't that great, so I'm surprised it only took me a week to sync given these constraints
20:35 dviola I think most people use electrum here for those reasons
20:35 dviola but I'm def moving to core after this, to use it as a wallet :)
20:41 CryptAxe It's the best wallet because you are verifying everything yourself and not trusting anyone so good choice
20:41 CryptAxe Just start it up and sync it every once in a while
20:41 dviola yep :)