Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/09/06

00:44 esotericnonsense hm. i'm trying to use bitcoind's rest api and getting 404's
00:44 esotericnonsense curl -v http://localhost:8332/chaininfo.json HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
00:46 esotericnonsense same for mempool/info.json, etc
00:48 esotericnonsense doh. it's /rest/. old documentation on ;)
00:49 esotericnonsense or actually, not old, just terse. reading comprehension issue on my side.
22:59 JackH are there any negative consequences to copy the blocks folder from one hdd to another so that I dont have to resync the blockchain all over again? (both machines Ubuntu)
23:04 JackH Will it mess up by utxo db?
23:04 JackH by = my
23:09 wumpus JackH: no problem at all, in that case you need to copy both blocks and chainstate though
23:09 wumpus JackH: be careful with copying chainstates from other people, as they can hide or add extra non-existing utxos, but between your own machines why not
23:11 JackH these are both my machines wumpus
23:11 wumpus ok
23:12 JackH but if I do not copy chainstate will it just rebuild it?
23:12 wumpus yes, but you'd not save any time
23:13 wumpus (or, hardly at least, most time goes into verification not downloading)
23:13 JackH yeah true its heavy. get 0.15 out ;)
23:23 meshcollider You can still use rc3 Jack you don't have to wait for proper release ;)
23:36 wumpus yeah just use the rc3, final is going to be the same as that 99% sure
23:41 JackH I can wait a bit
23:41 JackH lets see how it all turns out