Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/09/04

17:24 asimplecoder where can i find apis for pushing rawtransactions?
17:25 asimplecoder api's
19:16 asimplecoder does anyone recommend a api for pushing transactions?
19:47 molz asimplecoder, do you mean like on a website?
19:47 molz like this: ?
19:47 asimplecoder no a website with an api
19:48 asimplecoder that i can like send requests to throw like curl
19:52 PRab asimplecoder: ?
19:58 BlueMatt this place still exists?!
20:06 molz hey BlueMatt what happened to your hair? please put the blue back.. :D
20:08 BlueMatt heh, I'm still considering....I think it'll be non-blue for a while, though