Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/09/03

00:31 dviola hi
00:31 dviola will SPV make it for 0.16?
00:31 dviola
09:04 sturles I have been running the following for a few days: while sleep 10; do bitcoin-cli getblocktemplate | jq '.transactions | .[] | select(.hash != .txid) | .txid' >> swtxlog; done
09:05 sturles So far swtxlog is empty, and my node (0.15 from git as of a few days ago) has still not reported any blocks > 1 MB.
09:05 sturles I have set blockmaxweight=4000000 and blockmaxsize is undefined.
09:05 sturles $ awk '/block weight/{if ($6 > maxs) maxs = $6; if ($9 > maxw) maxw = $9}END{printf "max size: %d max weight: %d\n", maxs, maxw}' .bitcoin/debug.log
09:06 sturles max size: 998231 max weight: 3992816
09:06 sturles Can this be correct?
09:32 meshcollider is the node fully synced? there have definitely been a few blocks over 1mb
10:07 sturles Yes, of course.
10:07 sturles This is not stats over incoming blocks, it is the blocks my node would create if it was mining.
10:25 sturles I have done many segwit transactions myself while this has been running, even with an almost empty mempool this weekend. My own segwit transactions would have shown in swtxlog if this method of finding segwit transactions worked.
14:06 asimplecoder hey is there a api for pushing transactions?
14:06 asimplecoder my bitcoind server wont work
14:06 asimplecoder so i just can send my transactions to
14:08 asimplecoder like public bitcoind servers
14:11 sturles Try
14:12 sturles Or just google for bitcoin pushtx, and you will find many similar services.