Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/09/01

00:58 adiabat hi, I got this error from bitcoind:
00:58 adiabat 2017-09-01 00:55:49 ERROR: ReadBlockFromDisk: Deserialize or I/O error - ReadCompactSize(): size too large at CBlockDiskPos(nFile=29, nPos=80052169)
00:58 adiabat probably a bit-flip on the disk... any way to recover or do I have to nuke it and start IBD over? would reindex do anything?
00:59 adiabat (I'm guessing not since I don't think it's utxo related, I get this when a new peer is trying to start up from this node)
01:15 adiabat resolved: I copied blk00028.dat from another computer and now it works
01:29 esotericnonsense adiabat: :D
02:48 kallewoof I didnt realize the blk files were always the same.
03:20 midnightmagic they're not always the same
03:20 midnightmagic it depends on what blocks you've witnessed from your node.
03:21 midnightmagic My blk files I guarantee you, for example, are very different from yours..? Or is that not what you're saying.
03:21 olrrai hi
03:24 olrrai Are you gonna centralice bitcoin?
03:30 ossifrage I don't think the blk files are the same from node to node, I think they depend on things like the order the blocks are read from the network (during sync)
03:32 ossifrage stat blk0000[012345].dat: 134197146 134170054 134184741 134215217 134200052 134170138
03:53 kallewoof midnightmagic: yeah, I was curious that adiabat's solution of copying a blk file from a different node worked at all
05:03 windsok Anyone know if there will be a video posted of Greg's talk at SF Bitcoin Dev's the other day?
05:31 Emcy ^interested
05:35 midnightmagic kallewoof: that's possible to do. you have to copy chainstate too though
14:20 adiabat kallewoof: well they were both raspi2s, and I went in to the blocks folder and sha256sum'd a bunch of them
14:21 adiabat they all seemed the same, except for the blk00028.dat one, which had a different hash
14:22 adiabat I figured it was worth trying as I was looking at re-downloading everything... and it did! so who knows
15:03 instagibbs block files in general can be vastly out of order, AFAIK
21:37 ginseng given a private key, is there any way to distinguish if it is an hd root private key or a child?
21:39 jimpo If it is an xprvkey, then no. Every xprvkey is the root of a tree of keys, even if it is the child of another key.