Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/08/27

04:31 ossifrage Any ideas why the 0.15.0rc2 useragent is /Satoshi:0.15.0/ instead of /Satoshi:0.15.0rc2/?
14:09 kanzure bitcoind tech support questions should not be sent to bitcoin-dev mailing list, right? trying to figure out where to direct this email (in modqueue) to.
17:31 gustavonalle I’m connecting a miner to bitcoind in regtest mode for testing purposes and the miner is sending {"method": "getblocktemplate", "params": [{"capabilities": ["coinbasetxn", "coinbasevalue", "longpoll", "workid"], "rules": ["segwit"]}], "id":0} but bitcoind returns error 500, I suppose this miner is broken?
17:32 gustavonalle or is the request correct?
18:28 brand0 what version of protoc is bitcoin core compat with?
18:31 brand0 looks like 2.x branch
22:07 ginseng how was 550 decided as the minimum block count for pruned blockchains?
22:08 ginseng i also notice that if i set prune=550, my testnet blockchain is 1.7G but if i manually run pruneblockchain i can get it down to 1.3G. Is 550 not the minimum?
22:16 cncr04s you still need the full transaction output set
22:31 ginseng cncr04s: are you saying that a pruned blockchain is not functional as a node? isn't it just limited by its ability to retrieve information from 550+ blocks ago
22:31 ginseng it can still validate new transactions
23:05 brand0 does anybody here develop using arch linux?
23:05 brand0 i'm having trouble with linking protobuf in bitcoin-qt
23:37 ginseng are you building protobuf from source or using a package?