Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/08/26

01:32 instagibbs coin_trader, the wallet defaults to legacy outputs regardless. 0.15.1 will default to segwit addrs
04:28 shesek how long should a txindex take on 0.14, give or take? (8 cores, 16gb ram, SSD, dbcache=12gb)
13:40 coin_trader is there a way to span the datadir between multiple volumes? as in... computer has, let's say only 100gig SSD, which is not enough for full blockchain.. could one install a second HDD and have some of the block files in one and some in the other? or does the directory need to be on a single logical volume?
13:47 coin_trader i should specify... i know you can split chainstate and block folders - i mean halfsies for either/each... so like half of the blk files on HDD 1 and half on HDD2... is that possible?
13:48 coin_trader and also, the intent is to "fire and forget" and not need to take the node up or down more than just the one time to configure this environment....
19:45 adiabat exit
20:24 ginseng "The preciousblock RPC treats a block as if it were received before others with the same work."
20:24 ginseng what does this mean exactly?