Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/08/23

01:59 ginseng isn't there a way to list all of the public addresses in a wallet without using dumpwallet? i thought listaddressgroupings did it but it gives empty array for me..
09:10 wumpus I don't think so
14:37 huma i'm running bitcoin core 0.14.2 trying to sync with 3 weeks behind. suddenly the number of blocks stopped counting and now says "unknown. syncing headers (481690)". last block time keeps incrementing though and there seem to be no errors in debug.log. is it just some block calculation mistake in the gui or should i be worried?
14:39 sturles It syncs headers and blocks asynchronously.
14:40 sturles The last block is 481739. It means it has almost all the block headers, but is still downloading the full blocks.
14:44 cncr04s ban any bitcoin abc nodes
14:55 huma sturles: thank you
14:56 huma cncr04s: why? how is my bitcoin core affected?
16:04 ossifrage cncr04s, I noticed that sometimes 'bitcoin abc' nodes manage to stay connected to my node for a long time without getting banned
16:06 ossifrage Ah, maybe they are ABC nodes that still haven't downloaded the full blockchain...
22:00 ap4lmtree hi
22:01 ap4lmtree how can i learn about bitcoin code and how it works, i study github's "bitcoin" /
22:01 eck read the bips as well
22:01 ap4lmtree what is a bip?
22:01 eck they're arguably more important
22:01 eck ap4lmtree:
22:01 eck like an RFC
22:02 eck they contain a lot of the details about the protocol and consensus rules
22:28 ap4lmtree do you guys recommend and ebooks on bitcoin programming
22:29 ap4lmtree o reilly has a boomk called "mastering bitcoin" is that a good one
22:29 ap4lmtree oh wait, i dont think that is coding
22:30 ap4lmtree yeah, this one
22:31 vernors83 I'd try to implement something instead of just staring at the code on github
22:31 vernors83 for instance a wallet
22:34 ap4lmtree i think reading a book on bitcoin programming like that one, would be helpful start
22:34 ap4lmtree ?
22:34 vernors83 sure