Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/08/21

01:49 esotericnonsense reading the LN paper
01:49 esotericnonsense in section 3.1.1 a refund transaction is created from a 2of2 multisig before the 2of2 multisig is signed
01:50 esotericnonsense to clarify my understanding, is it the case that this assumes segwit (because otherwise you cannot know the txid)
01:51 esotericnonsense facepalm. looks like 3.1.2 explains this :P
02:20 esotericnonsense okay, so essentially, 'by default' a segwit transaction id is not dependent on the signatures ('witness') e.g. segregated witness, that's just how it works
02:21 esotericnonsense SIGHASH_NOINPUT can essentially be used to create a sort of 'blank cheque' transaction which allows the spending of any input for which the sigscript returns
02:25 esotericnonsense i'm a bit confused as to what makes it necessary though. if the 2of2 txid is set in stone before it is signed, then the input for the 'refund transaction' can be known and so this tx can be signed before the other one?
02:25 esotericnonsense am I missing something blindingly obvious?
02:29 esotericnonsense ahhh.. hang on now. is the idea that pre-segwit, you would need something like SIGHASH_NOINPUT
02:29 esotericnonsense because in that case you wouldn't know the parent txid yet
02:32 esotericnonsense but with it - all that it achieves is that the refund tx does not need to be resigned every time the non-witness part of the parent tx changes (i.e. the amounts assigned to A and B change)
02:32 esotericnonsense so it is not _necessary_ but useful
04:55 eddiewang Hi all! Does anyone here have experience setting up a multi-region mining pool?
06:35 wallet42 hi, can someone please explain to me the difference between -reindex and -reindex-chainstate ?
08:31 wumpus reindex rebuilds the block database and chainstate, reindex-chainstate just the chainstate
08:31 wumpus so the latter is slightly faster
12:30 nazarewk is it possible to purge all moves out of wallet.dat?
12:51 nazarewk (i've account which has -2.6 btc but does not correspond to any real bitcoins)
13:08 sturles As a workaround, you can move 2.6 BTC to the account to zero it.
13:12 nazarewk move from where?
13:22 sturles E.g. "". The default account.
13:23 sturles Or from wherever you can take a positive balance.
13:24 nazarewk well there is nowhere i can take positive balance
13:25 nazarewk my default account equals sum of listunspent
13:25 nazarewk and there is only one other account with negative balance
13:25 sturles Oh. Strange.
13:26 nazarewk i think there was some bug at some point
13:26 nazarewk like 1.5 years ago
13:26 nazarewk where moves fucked up accounts
13:26 molz "account" is deprecated
13:26 molz and yes "move" is deprecated
13:26 nazarewk i know
13:27 nazarewk the service doesn't work on accounts for a year
13:27 molz i think your coin is still in your wallet, just the account is messed up
13:27 nazarewk i already know this, i wonder how can i fix this
13:27 molz just don't use "account"
13:28 nazarewk also i wonder why listsinceblock doesn't sum up to getbalance()
13:46 IntheVibe Hello how do I install a Linux node?
13:48 IntheVibe :(
13:54 sturles nazarewk: Do you have any watch-only addresses?
23:39 volure Ok, so I know bitcoin cash is a new thing to deal with. but my server is now telling me warning='7 of last 100 blocks have unexpected version'
23:39 volure is this something that can be fixed with an upgrade ?
23:39 abpa It will be fixed in November
23:40 volure ok