Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/08/20

01:13 ageis sf bay area, securedrop hackathon at noisebridge tonight. get out here!
01:15 r251d Is this channel is just for regular 1X bitcoin dev or are 2X alt chains on topic, too?
11:24 ChoHag Is this channel fork-specific or for discussion of all non-alt bitcoin forks?
11:27 ChoHag Or: Where can I berate the bitcoin-abc authors for being idiots and/or saboteurs?
16:39 graingert ChoHag: go to #bitcoin-forks. you can only talk about soft forks here
16:39 graingert Maybe a hard fork wishlist items
16:39 graingert But only if they're very good ideas
18:42 esotericnonsense does there exist a lightning network dev channel aside from #lnd (for that specific daemon)? can general chat go here?
18:45 esotericnonsense trying to figure out the format of the payment request used by (that eclair wallet understands but lnd seemingly does not) and wondering if anyone has created some simple tool that can decode it
18:45 esotericnonsense or whether i have to trawl eclair source
18:45 esotericnonsense having never touched scala before this should be amusing
18:47 arubi esotericnonsense, did you see the lightning BOLTs?
18:47 esotericnonsense arubi: i am aware of them but trying to find some sort of canonical source
18:48 arubi
18:48 esotericnonsense oh wait nvm
18:48 esotericnonsense yes, thanks. i was looking at some old fork of the lightningnetwork repo
18:48 arubi I only used them to implement some lame shachains, but they're very well written. cheers
18:48 esotericnonsense only had 6
18:49 esotericnonsense i've been a lazy bugger and grown tired of having to say 'well I don't really know but' whenever IRL folks ask me about bitcoin and my knowledge basically predates segwit
18:49 esotericnonsense time to level up
18:51 arubi hehe, recent stuff are very fun
18:55 esotericnonsense hm, it actually seems as if the request is standard bolt11 but lnd doesn't like that
18:56 arubi #lnd is pretty responsive. I bet you'll get an answer eventually
18:56 arubi I haven't used it myself, I used lightning-c when I tested it all out a while ago
18:57 arubi made a silly cat store in bash that you could connect to with telnet over tor and it'll sell you some ascii cats :)
18:57 arubi great stuff this LN
18:57 esotericnonsense rofl
18:58 arubi there's also #lightning-dev , but it's more for lightning-c and this rfc
18:59 arubi well and general LN dev really
19:35 esotericnonsense whee js
19:36 esotericnonsense parseInt("700dog"); => 700
19:36 esotericnonsense i mean i suppose this is 'helpful'
19:44 waxwing should be 100 right. 700 in dog years :)
19:44 esotericnonsense lol
19:44 waxwing or is that 4900, not sure.
21:33 Emcy anywhere to get a binary of .15rc1 for testing?
21:36 Emcy ok i got it
21:41 Emcy ok the utxo upgrade is proceeding....i guess this will take a while. Why is it called 'dirty' in the version string tho
22:48 Emcy utxo ungrade complete. Any log data about that youd like to see?
23:00 Emcy well i can tell you it took 52 minutes on an AMD A4 apu thing and a bog standard HDD
23:00 Emcy a really weak machine