Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/08/19

01:14 esotericnonsense adiabat: 11G used so far and I'm about 10 months behind, almost there :p
02:49 Emcy what does it mean when people have a stuck node and theres nothing in the logfile about any chain ops suceeded or failed, just messages about peer connections and stuff
03:07 Emcy like this guy
03:07 Emcy just sitting therewith some peer chatter
06:33 achow101 adiabat: use invalidateblock and reconsider block to simulate reorgs
20:08 adiabat achow101: aha, thanks!
20:08 adiabat Had never heard of "reconsiderblock"
20:08 adiabat btw is there a list of the RPC calls? Or do you just have to go through the c++ code to find all the calls...
20:24 achow101 some are hidden, so you'll have to go through the code to find them
20:25 achow101 like invalidateblock and reconsiderblock. those are hidden