Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/08/18

00:56 hammond what would happen if the bitcoin network was massivly DoSed?
00:57 hammond or is it too big to happen?
01:14 Emcy there are over 9000 nodes
03:38 JustTheDoctor i just cloned the bitcoin repo and did everything it said to compile on linux, it built no problem but i cant find a bitcoin-qt file. how do i compile bitcoin-qt on deb 8 ?
03:40 kallewoof You may not have QT libraries installed or they weren't found. The configure call should tell you if it did or didn't find them.
03:40 JustTheDoctor id o
03:41 JustTheDoctor i do*
03:41 JustTheDoctor i've compiled 3 other coins with qt5,
03:41 JustTheDoctor i did the ./ and ./configure and make
03:41 JustTheDoctor i have bitcoind bitcoin-cli and bitcoin-tx
03:41 JustTheDoctor but i cant find bitcoin-qt
03:42 kallewoof Did you look in src/qt/?
03:42 JustTheDoctor nothing there
03:42 JustTheDoctor no bitcoin-qt
03:44 kallewoof Re-run ./configure and look at the output at the end and make sure it says "with gui / qt = yes"
03:45 brand0 does anyone know which part of the moc/forms is responsible for the list of tabs in the initial UI page?
03:46 JustTheDoctor with gui / qt = no
03:46 JustTheDoctor but i have qt5
03:46 JustTheDoctor i used it to compile -qt for 3 other coins.
03:49 brand0 JustTheDoctor, what platform/distro/version are you on?
03:49 JustTheDoctor deb 8
03:51 brand0 you apt installed all the qt*-dev stuff?
03:51 JustTheDoctor yes
03:51 JustTheDoctor like i said,
03:51 JustTheDoctor i've compiled 3 altcoins with qt5
03:52 brand0 and you did a ./configure --with-gui=qt5 ?
03:52 JustTheDoctor no will try
03:55 JustTheDoctor seems to have helped, but now i get : configure: error: libprotobuf not found
03:56 brand0 and do you have it?
03:56 JustTheDoctor i dont think so, i didnt install it and i dont know how to apt-get install it
03:57 JustTheDoctor got it
03:57 JustTheDoctor google is great sometimes.
03:57 brand0 apt search libprotobuf
03:58 JustTheDoctor now im getting configure: error: PROTOC not found
03:58 brand0 same step man
03:58 brand0 just do that all the way until you have everything
03:58 brand0 apt search missing thing
04:00 JustTheDoctor i did sudo apt-get install libprotobuf-dev
04:00 JustTheDoctor now i get
04:00 JustTheDoctor now im getting configure: error: PROTOC not found
04:00 brand0 protoc is something else
04:00 JustTheDoctor can you give me a idea of the package protoc is in?
04:01 brand0 did you do the apt search protoc?
04:01 JustTheDoctor yup, gave me alot of results
04:02 JustTheDoctor
04:02 brand0 go through them
04:02 JustTheDoctor that was the output
04:02 rjak protobuf-compiler?
04:03 brand0 that could be it
04:05 JustTheDoctor with gui / qt = yes
04:05 JustTheDoctor so if i make
04:05 JustTheDoctor it will generate -qt ?
04:07 brand0 JustTheDoctor, yup assuming versions are right
04:08 JustTheDoctor ty
19:44 esotericnonsense does someone have the approximate size of the testnet3 chain atm? i'm at 200K blocks but only approx 1GB and I feel like it must be pretty massive by now
19:45 esotericnonsense (vaguely wondering why we never got a testnet4!)
19:45 Emcy it gets reset a lot
19:53 esotericnonsense Emcy: how so? the current chain is syncing at least from a block time of 2013
19:54 esotericnonsense I have been away for a while but my understanding was that was the last reset
19:54 Emcy shrug i thought testget got rekt again recently
19:55 esotericnonsense just hoping that my 50GB VM has enough space otherwise I need to go and buy things heh
19:55 esotericnonsense years have passed and again Bitcoin is the thing that seems to trigger me into needing new hardware :P
20:11 adiabat I'm synced up on testnet3 and it's about 13 GB
20:11 adiabat that's with txindex=1 so might be a little less without that
20:12 adiabat 50 GB is more than enough for testnet3
20:12 esotericnonsense adiabat: thanks. i think i'm just hitting a spam region atm :P
20:12 esotericnonsense was moving at about 15 blocks per minute for a while, but now back in the thousands
20:12 adiabat a lot of that spam is mine :) The whole 3.7MB segwit blocks thing
20:13 esotericnonsense still in april 2014 so rather pre-segwit :P
20:14 esotericnonsense i think i have a testnet3 backup somewhere but it's a few years out of date anyway so not much use. syncing btcd to play around with lnd for a bit (but probably tomorrow at this rate :P)
20:26 adiabat does anyone know the best way to use regtest mode to simulate re-orgs?
20:26 adiabat If there are any docs or threads about that
23:56 JustTheDoctor has anyone ever seen a st12out_of_range range before?