Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/08/14

07:18 nazarewk is it possible to list all non-move transactions?
07:18 nazarewk or even purge all moves from bitcoind
09:24 petertodd /away .
10:26 nazarewk i've weird error
10:26 nazarewk my bitcoin-core node started returning positive confirmations where it was previously returning negative
21:21 arooni hey team; i just read the whitepaper; i have a few questions;
21:21 arooni 10. Privacy -- If public keys regenerated each time for each transaction, why are addresses still public? Doesn't that defeat the purpose?
21:21 arooni (addresses for wallets)
21:48 r251d arooni: you want to know whether generating a public key defeats the purpose of something. Are you talking about a P2PKH transaction, and what purpose do you think is defeated by generating a new key pair for each transaction. Note that a wallet does not have a single "address". Address reuse is discouraged.